How To Reverse A Bad Liver With The Help of Foods?–Signs of A Bad Liver


Today we will discuss some of the helpful methods and information that can help you to reverse your bad liver to a healthy, well-functioning liver. We will also discuss the signs of a bad liver function and the causes of a bad liver to understand the cause before we go towards the treatment. 

The reason it is important to eat healthy and well-balanced meals because in most cases it is not easy to identify that your liver is in a bad condition. You might not feel any problem in your functioning but there are chances that 90% identified by most people. 

They might be feeling completely fine and their liver might be affected. But do not feel too bad because the liver is the only organ that can be cured with the help of some excellent methods. 

What are the symptoms of a bad liver?

1.  Pain in the right shoulder.

2.  Issues related to skin. 

3.  A protruding belly. 

4.  Bloating. 

5.  Itching in the palms or the bottom of the feet. 

The liver is not just doing one thing in your body; the liver does a lot of work related to your digestion, detoxification of chemicals, your immune system and the build-up of protein. And, once you ignore the health of your liver you are risking your body. 

Now, what causes a bad liver? The answer is simple, the type of food you eat and the type of lifestyle you have can affect the health of your liver. You may be feeling completely fine and your liver will be struggling. 

Now, when you know the causes of a bad liver, let us understand the type of foods (bitter vegetables are excellent for your liver health) that you need to add to your daily meals to reverse the effect of a bad liver. 

Best Foods for a Healthy Liver:

1.      Spinach:

Spinach is one of the best green leafy vegetable options for you. Especially for people who are suffering from bad liver or fatty liver problem. Spinach is rich in antioxidants which are helpful to improve the functioning of the liver. You can also add garlic while preparing spinach it will enhance the taste. 

2.      Mustard green:

Mustard seeds are rich in anti-inflammatory properties and therefore it is great to detox harmful toxins from your system that keep your liver healthy intact. In case there are some harmful pesticides, heavy metal or chemicals in your system, these vegetables will help to flush out these harmful elements from your body. In case you do not find mustard green you can also have baby spinach leaves. 

3.      Turmeric:

As we know, turmeric is known for its amazing health benefits and one of the benefits also includes a healthy liver. The antioxidants rich turmeric is a powerful ingredient to prevent your liver from the damage of toxins. People who consume various medicines for diabetes and various health problems should definitely consume turmeric (organic turmeric even better) to prevent their liver from harmful toxins. 

4.      Garlic:

Garlic is great for people who are suffering from a fatty or bad liver condition. The selenium mineral in the garlic cloves is excellent to cleanse the liver and remove toxins that can be harmful to your liver. People with fatty liver should definitely add garlic to their meals to improve the condition of their fatty liver. 

5.      Radish:

Radish works as an excellent antioxidant to your liver because radish contains a compound known as RsPHGPx and this compound helps to prevent your liver from harmful chemicals like cancer-causing molecules, nicotine, and insecticides. Radish also helps to reduce and detoxification of your liver. 

6.      Collared greens:

In case you do not get collared green you can get Chinese broccoli, baby spinach leaves, Swiss chard, kale or English spinach. Collared greens are rich in fibre and such greens help to ease the digestion process. Not only this, but fibre-rich foods also reduce the risk of inflammation, stroke and type 1 diabetes. 

You need to be Patients with Your Liver Regeneration Process:

You need to remember that the regeneration part of your liver takes time, and this varies from person to person based on the health of their liver-like in a bad liver might take 3 years to become healthy. 

Also, you should not consume things that can reverse all the recovery like alcohol or deep-fried oily foods. 

People with a fatty liver might also face digestion issues and therefore having a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before your meal to improve digestion. 

And, you should use coconut oil to prepare your meals because this oil is great for people with fatty liver. 

Even your liver needs healthy fats and oils to function at its best, and therefore it is good to prepare your meals in coconut oil instead of using any other oil. Just make sure the cooking oil is 100% pure and nothing else is mixed.

In case you are looking for more such options, you can also add kale, and Brussels sprouts to your daily meals to get more benefits from these green vegetables and this will help to improve your liver health tremendously.

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