You Should Avoid These 5 Foods In Summer

It is not ok to change clothes but not what you eat when the seassuron changes. When the weather outside changes, your body adapts to its surroundings and therefore it is important to have foods that help your system to stay healthy and alert and food plays a major role in it.

Having certain types of foods in summers can be harmful to your system and therefore you need to understand what type of food you need to avoid, especially in summer.

Do Not Consume These 5 Things in Summer:

1.      Excess amount of spice: No doubt spice in your food adds taste but having excess spicy is not good for your system because this can increase the heat in the body. And excess heat in your system when the weather is already rising, having such foods is not a good idea. So, try to have an adequate amount of spice in your food and avoid excess spicy drinks and foods. 

2.      Too much non-vegetarian food: If you are someone who loves having meat, then summer is not the time. Too much meat like chicken and fish and other non-vegetarian food options should be avoided in summer. Excess meat consumption in summer can lead to stomach problems like diarrhea and even excessive sweating. 

3.      Too much oil: However, having excess oil is not good for your system in any season but this could be worse during summers. Love eating junk food that is deep-fried like burger patties, fritters, or fries etc taste so much better but the excess in it is not good for your system. If you really want to have, then you can have it occasionally home-cooked meals that are cooked in less oil but do not eat outside junk food. 

4.      Excess tea and coffee: There is no harm if you drink an adequate amount of both coffee and tea but having these beverages in excess may result in dehydration, Also, people who like sugary coffee and tea and having these beverages in excess will experience excess heat. So, if you really want to avoid this, you need to control your portion. 

5.      Sauces: Having sauces that contain an excess amount of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), salt and excessively cheesy sauces can cause sluggishness and bloating. So try to have healthy nutritious meals without adding such sauces to your meal. However, you can definitely add popular Indian chutney to your meal like coriander and tomato chutney or mind and curd chutney they not only taste excellent and highly nutritious. 

When the weather is hot, then it is better to consume foods that will prevent you from excess heat or heat strokes. And avoiding such foods will also prevent damage to your system and some health issues. 

So, try to drink plenty of water, have water-rich fruits and vegetables, avoid excess spice, oil, beverages and food that can dehydrate your system. 

Also, try to wear clothes that are comfortable and best for summers like cotton, khadi, and other summer-friendly fabrics.

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