Ardha Chakrasana Benefits, Precautions, Meaning and Facts!

Ardha chakrasana yoga is also known as “half wheel pose“, and this asana is much easier than Chakrasana. A lot of people find it difficult to practice full wheel pose or say Chakrasana, but half wheel pose is known to be a much easier asana to practice every day.

Here is the meaning of Ardha Chakrasana and Ardha Chakrasana Benefits, Ardha means ‘half,’ chakra means ‘wheel,’ and Asana means ‘pose.’

Let’s see, “Ardha chakrasana benefits” and what are the precautions you need to take while doing Ardha chakrasana yoga? The reason this asana is extremely beneficial because this also helps to control blood sugar level reduces back pain problem, and also help to burn belly fat. 

Top 14 Ardha Chakrasana Benefits:

– Ardha Chakrasana is extremely effective to reduce thighs and stomach fat. 

– This asana helps to improve your lungs capacity. 

– This asana is also helpful to control high blood sugar level and to stimulate the pancreas.

– “Ardha Chakrasana” also helps to increase your back and spine muscles. 

– This asana helps to tone your shoulders, things, and waist. 

– This asana helps to relieve shoulder and neck pain. 

– This asana is known to be one of the best exercises to get rid of back pain or lower back pain problem.

– Ardha Chakrasana yoga helps to cure respiratory disorders. 

– This asana helps to stimulate abdominal organs.

– Ardha Chakrasana is really good to enhance your heart health.

– Ardha Chakrasana yoga is helpful to reduce and relieve menstrual pain or disorder. 

– This asana helps to stretch your abdomen, stomach and intestine muscles. 

Another beneficial yoga asana is Tadasana. Tadasana is also known as Mountain Pose.

How to perform Ardha Chakrasana (Mountain Pose)?

  1. First, raise your hands straight and then bend backwards.
  2. You can also place your hands on your hips while bending backwards.
  3. When you are bending backwards it is important to not bend your knees.
  4. Try to breathe slowly while performing this asana and also hold this position for a few seconds.
  5. Now while exhaling you need to come straight to your starting position.
  6. Repeat the above steps or 3 to 5 times.

Now, once you came to know about another yoga asana which is extremely beneficial for you it’s time to come back to the Ardha Chakrasana and the precautions you need to take while performing it.

Ardha Chakrasana Precautions

  1. If you are pregnant it is important to first consult your doctor and then perform this asana. 
  2. People who are surfing from serious spine or hips problem or injury should not do this asana.
  3. People with hernia and ulcer problem should not practice this asana.
  4. People who have high blood pressure should also avoid this asana.

A Brief Meaning of Ardha chakrasana:

According to the Sanskrit language, Ardha means ‘half’ and chakra means ‘wheel’. When you perform Ardha-chakrasana this helps to gain a lot of health benefits. The reason this asana is known as half-wheel posture or Ardha Chakrasana because when you perform this, your body takes the shape of a half wheel. 

It is important to perform “Ardha Chakrasana” properly and follow each step to do this asana correctly. And therefore, we will share “Ardha chakrasana steps” in four simple ways, in case you are still confused about how to perform Ardha Chakrasana correctly without any mistake.

Ardha Chakrasana Steps

  1. Stand straight on the ground and put your feet together, and then bend your elbow and put your palms on the lower backside. 
  2. Then, bend your head backwards while inhaling, followed by your back. Do this as per your convenience.
  3. Then, hold this position along with deep and slow breathing as long as you feel comfortable. 
  4. When you feel like coming back to your first position exhale and then slowly come back to the starting position. Relax and then start these 4 steps again and repeat it twice. 

Additional “Ardha Chakrasana Precautions” to Keep in Mind while Performing it are:

  1. People who have abdominal injury should avoid doing this asana.
  2. People with an acute back pain problem should first consult their doctor before practising Ardha chakrasana.
  3. People who have high blood pressure problem should not practice this asana.
  4. People who have spinal injury should also avoid practising this asana.
  5. People who have a neck injury should also avoid performing this asana.
  6. People who are suffering from any sort of dizziness should also avoid this Ardha chakrasana.

Top 6 facts related to Ardha chakrasana are: 

  1. This asana is known for its frontal and abdominal stretch.
  2. When you are performing Ardha chakrasana try to minimise the gap between the elbow. This will help you to inhale more oxygen.
  3. This asana is good for your front upper torso.
  4. If you are suffering from vertigo then you should not practice Ardha chakrasana. If you practice Ardha chakrasana on a daily basis you can overcome many postural defects.
  5. This asana should not be performed if you have any cardiac health issue.

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