THESE 5 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO TO YOUR HAIR! – ये 5 चीज़ें आपने बालों के साथ कभी न करें!


Today we will share 5 best hair care tips that you can easily follow at home and make a habit for natural hair care.

But before we start with what you should do for natural hair, you must understand the don’ts of hair care.

Here are 5 Don’ts For Best Hair Care Tips:

1. Hot shower is not good for your scalp: When you take a hot shower no doubt you feel amazing, but it is not good for your lovely hair, hot shower strip off the natural oils from your beautiful hair and that makes your hair flaky and dry. Therefore, you must take cold or normal water to wash your hair.

2. Stress is not good: If you are stressing about something then you will notice that your hair starts falling. You see, a person with beautiful healthy hair that he/she does not stress much.

3. Chemicals are not good: When you use products full of chemicals instead of using natural products on your hair this lead to hair damage. Chemicals from perming, hair treatments and dying can really damage your hair follicles. Not only this, but these chemicals might also disrupt your hair growth and result in hair fall problem.

4. Hairstyle Products: A lot of females prefer using blow dryers, curlers, straighteners to style their hair for prolonged periods. This products give you a different look but also makes your hair dry and prone to damage and hair fall. 

5. Saltwater is a no to hair: If you use salt water then it can damage your hair cuticles and also makes your hair tangled. Saltwater also irritate the scalp and therefore a lot of people use hair cap while they go swimming because chlorinated water in swimming pools can damage your hair.

It is really important to take care of your hair if you don’t your hair growth will stop at some point and you will face hair fall, dull and dry hair.

On the other side, it is important to wash your hair properly because if you don’t you are inviting more dirt, ingrown hairs and itchy scalp which eventually lead to hair fall.

And Now 5 Do’s of Best Hair Care Tips:

1. Wash it properly: Yes, this simple and effective technique can leave a huge impact on your hair. You should ensure that you wash your hair properly to keep your hair and scalp away from dirt and excess oil.

You must also understand that the right frequency depends upon your hair type and your personal opinion. 

If you have dry hair, then washing your hair once or twice a week is fine and if you have an oily scalp washing your hair on alternate days or 3 times a week would be fine.

2. Use herbal shampoo: It is not in your hand to change the surrounding environment which is suitable for you and your hair but what product or shampoo you use for your hair is completely in your hands.

You can use chemical-free and herbs based shampoos. Such shampoos are mild shampoos and they are more healthy for your hair.

3. Conditioning is the key: If you eat healthily, clean your hair properly with a right product using conditioner is not necessary but yes due to dirty and pollution it can an option to use for soft and smooth hair.

Conditioning helps to make your hair more manageable and fall straight. It also helps your hair from the harsh environment and heat styling. 

You need to keep one thing in mind that conditioners are applied on the tips of the hair and it should not be applied on your scalp.

4. Do not blow your hair: Try to use a blow dryer for special occasions because not doubt your look absolutely amazing after using a blow dryer but using it more often can damage your scalp because of the excess heat.

One more thing that you need to know is to not sleep when your hairs are wet or comb wet hair. 

This can damage the cuticle of your hair, so try to be as gentle as you can.

5. Oiling is a must: Try to massage your scalp gently after oiling, and then wash your hair, never wash dry hair. When you do oiling and massage your scalp, this increases blood circulation on the scalp and relax your muscles. Oiling also nourishes and bring natural shine to your hair.  

When you oil your hair, it helps to restore moisture and increase your hair growth. You can use almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and coconut oils for hair massage.

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