How to Treat Arthritis Pain Naturally?


Arthritis can be of various types and therefore before you look for a treatment it is important to understand the cause behind the problem. Arthritis is used for over 100 types of joint diseases and joint pain. 

Arthritis problem becomes prominent with age. But some people might suffer from this problem in their early middle age. 

According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine states, men (athletes) are more likely to develop arthritis compared to the general people. 

Sportsmen who are involved in contact sports will develop arthritis in the knees and hips because of continuous overexertion and quick “wear and tear.”  

Types of Arthritis: 

Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is known as inflammatory arthritis. Rheumatoid is also the second most common types of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis develops as a response from your body’s immune system.  

Our immune system attack tissues when there is a treat to our joints and this cause intense inflammation. And, a person who has a family history the chances of developing this problem is higher. 

Metabolic Arthritis: In this type, the problem typically occurs due to reduced kidney functioning. And, this type is one of the most common types of arthritis problem. 

In this problem, your Gout causes a built of uric crystals in your joints of the extremities and this problem is more common in the feet. 

Osteoarthritis: This is also the most common type of arthritis and a person develops this problem due to the reduction of joints cartilage.

Thought this problem typically occurs because of the natural “wear and tear” but this might also occur due to other reasons like continuous repetitive motions due to continuous bone rubbing, friction, pain and swelling.  

How to cure Arthritis Problem with the Help of Physical Therapy?

The main aim of a physical therapist is to work on the following problem as to increase strength, reduce pain, and to protect and preserve the range of motions. This is also a natural way to treat arthritis pain. 

And to achieve the goal the therapist work with the following steps like:

Proper posture – This reduces extra stress on your joints.

Exercise and stretching – Help to increase your range of motion. 

Proper rest – This helps you to give time to your body to heal and to reduce the amount of arthritic inflammation and pain. 

Weight control – This helps you prevent weight-bearing joints and reduce stress. 

People who are suffering from arthritis need a different type of treatment to cure arthritis naturally because different people have 

different need depending upon their causes.

And, if you want to cure arthritis natural then you need to focus on your particular/specific need to cure arthritis pain. 

The best way to deal with arthritis and to find a natural way to treat arthritis pain is to go with a safe, healthy and natural treatment strategy along with your physical therapy. 

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