What is Sciatica? Sciatica Treatment with Herbal Medicines

Sciatica which is also known as Gridhrasi in Ayurveda is a nerve pain that happens due to the compression in the sciatic nerve. When this happens, the sciatica patient feels pain in the lower back pain, buttocks, and hips and then travels down to the feet. But mostly the pain is on the one side of the lower body. 

Symptoms of Sciatica:

  • Numbness in the back of the leg, when a person is suffering from sciatica pain, there are chances he/she feels pain in the back of their leg. 
  • Sciatica pain starts from lower back and then rage towards buttocks, hips, and feet.
  • Feeling pain while walking, sitting, standing, or pain while laying on the bed and while getting up from it. 
  • Sciatica pain happens on the one side of the body like the left side of the lower back till feet. 
  • It is difficult to sleep due to pain, and therefore a lot of patients have painkillers which also have side-effects. 
  • Sciatica pain generally gets worse while bending and twisting your spine or while coughing. 

One thing which you need to understand is that any type of radiating leg pain or lower back pain is not sciatica. Sciatica pain originates from the sciatic nerve.

General medical circumstances that may lead to sciatica symptoms are:

  • General degenerative changes in your vertebrae or discs.
  • When the sciatic nerve becomes pinched because of a herniated disc in your spine. And this also happens due to the overgrowth of bone on your vertebrae. 
  • In other cases, the sciatic nerve might get compressed because of damage caused by diabetes and due to a tumor, blood clotting in the lower spine.
  • One of the popular causes of sciatica pain is a herniated lumbar disc. 
  • Muscle inflammation and muscles spasm of the lumbar or pelvic muscles is also a reason for sciatica. 
  • Spondylolisthesis and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. 

How the Sciatica Nerve is Formed?

Sciatica nerve is the largest single nerve in our body. When the spinal roots are merged from L4 to S3, these nerve roots converge into a large sciatica nerve (single sciatica nerve). 

The two sciatic nerves in our body, the left and the right nerves, do the supplying of the corresponding lower limb.  

The sciatic nerve is formed by the merging of spinal nerve roots from L4 to S3. These nerve roots converge into a single largest sciatic nerve of our body. And these nerves are the union of nerve roots in the sacral and lumbar spine.

Sciatic, Nerve, Origin, Path

If we talk about the origin, the sciatic nerve is formed by the merge of spinal nerves roots from L4 to s3.3, which start from the spinal segment L4. 

Then these nerves roots are further converged into a single sciatica nerve which makes it bulky and large up to 2 cm in diameter. 

Now, let’s discuss the path, sciatic nerve exits through the greater sciatic foramen, which is below the piriformis muscles; this happens once the individual contributions of the sciatic nerve end.

What to do when sciatica is getting worse?

Firstly, one should not come to this position that their sciatica pain or sciatica symptoms are getting worse because it is important to not neglect this problem for a long period. 

If you see any of the following symptoms you should immediately consult a medical expert and look for the best treatment for sciatica pain. 

  • Weakness in the legs, a type of progressive neurological symptom. 
  • Pain and sciatica symptoms in both the legs.
  • Dysfunction of bladder or bowel movement. 
  • And sexual dysfunction. 

It is better to seek medical expert help as soon as possible to start the sciatica pain treatment. 

Sciatica can also happen because of an injury, accident or trauma so it’s better to give all the information to your doctor regarding the recent happening or something which happened in the past but you neglected at that time. 

In most of the cases, people who have sciatica problem get cured within a period of 4 to 6 weeks but his also depend upon the severity of an individual. 

If a sciatica patient has severe neurological deficits, then there are chances that recovery might take longer than you think; 33% of the cases have been persistent sciatica symptoms until one year. On the other side, if a patient has both persistent sciatica symptoms and sciatica nerve compression both then it is an indication of surgery.  

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