Paneer – Here Are The Benefits of Cottage Cheese!


One of the most versatile and delicious cheeses, popular and close to the heart of various vegetarians including non vegetarians. 

Whenever your friend who eats chicken says, I have chicken, mutton, tandoori chicken, kababs, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, what do you have? You can proudly say, I have paneer (cottage cheese). 

Paneer is super delicious to have and there are so many recipes that do not take much time to prepare. 

You can have paneer in raw form, put in a gravy, add to your sandwich, burger, salad, rolls, or chapati, etc. The versatility of paneer does not end here, you can prepare delicious desserts with the help of cottage cheese. Paneer has it’s soft, yummy, milky flavour that can take your food to the next level. Therefore, we will share some of the health benefits of paneer (cottage cheese) 

Health Benefits of Lip Smacking Paneer:

1.  Excellent source of protein:

Depending on the milk type, you can prepare cottage cheese which is a dense source of protein. If you use full fat milk the paneer you churned out of it will be high in protein but will also be high in fats. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight it is better to keep a check on your calories and do not have more than you need. 

2.  Boost of nutrition:

paneer contains important minerals like magnesium, calcium, and protein. As per USDA, if you churn paneer out of cow milk, it has a maximum amount of casein protein compared to other milk. So, if you want to have a high amount of protein then, having cow milk cottage cheese is best. You simply have a cube of paneer to get your protein dose. 

3.    Stronger bones and teeth:

Cottage cheese is a wonderful source of calcium and as per experts people who have paneer can also fulfill your daily calcium requirement. If you have the necessary amount of calcium every day you ensure healthy, stronger teeth, bones, smooth nerve functioning and heart muscles. 

4.   Helps to regulate blood sugar:

As we mentioned earlier, paneer is a rich source of magnesium and magnesium is great to promote heart and immune system health. Not only this, cottage cheese helps to maintain your blood sugar levels, the magnesium in paneer prevents your system from blood sugar spike. And, the protein in paneer also helps to maintain blood sugar hike because protein slows down the release of sugar. 

5.  Promote heart health:

To ensure a healthy balance of fluids in your body, potassium can play a vital role. The potassium you get from the paneer is helpful to balance the fluids in your body. However, your kidney also manages the fluids in your system by flushing out the excess fluids. Make sure whenever you eat paneer it is not excessively salty because excessive amounts of sodium are not good for your heart health. Potassium and sodium both help to balance 

Panner is also a really good source of folate that is an essential B-complex vitamin, especially for pregnant women. Lacks of this essential vitamin can lead to the lower production of red blood cells, and we all know it is not good for pregnant women. 

You can eat paneer even if you want to lose weight because cottage cheese keeps you satiated for a long time and prevents you from snacking in between meals. And, the fat-burning acids in paneer, conjugated linoleic acid, promote the fat burning process in your system. To get the maximum results, you should definitely have raw paneer.

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