11 Most Nutrient-Dense Foods You Must Know!


What can truly change your health and when we say health, we mean to say how healthy you feel both mentally and physically. Food can play a vital role in the way you feel because whatever you eat become a part of you and therefore being wise with your food choice is always a good decision.

The food you have at a time is limited and therefore having the most nutrient-dense foods is a great way to start your day and continue with it. Having foods that are nutrient dense and fulfil your daily requirement, it is best to include those foods in your everyday meals. Therefore, we will discuss some of the most nutrient-dense foods you should know.

Try to keep it simple, you do not have to find foods that are available in some other area, state or country just have foods that are in the season had fresh.

When your body and mind are healthy, you can also perform your best with all the activities you do. People who are obese and do not have healthy meals are prone to developing health problems. Your diet should have foods that are high in nutrition and help you feel active and energetic. As per some studies, people who have healthy meals are less prone to develop gastrointestinal cancer.

11 Most Nutrient Dense Foods:

1.      Pulses:

Pulses are one of the best ways to manage your weight and pulses are also rich in protein and fibre. Pulses contain carbohydrates that take time to break down and you feel full and energetic for a long time. Pulses are also great for your guts because it has lots of resistant starch. Therefore, pulses are great for people who are diabetic, because it does not spike your insulin level and slowly breakdown so you feel satiated. Lentils are not only a great source of protein but also contain fibre, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, folate, and minerals. People with iron deficiency should also have pulses that are also rich in iron. 

2.      Citrus Fruits:

It is great to have at least one fruit every day and if you are having seasonal fruits and vegetables, it is even better. However, citrus fruits contain lots of minerals and vitamins with low calories and high fibre that makes citrus fruits ideal for your health. It is best to have fruits in raw form of removing the pulp because you will miss out on lots of fibre and nutrients if you do so. Grapefruit helps to lose weight and reduce insulin resistance that can lead to various chronic health problems if not controlled. Citrus fruits are rich in potassium, Vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. The flavonoids in citrus fruits and the powerful antioxidants prevent cancer and free radical damage.

3.      Fresh green leafy veggies:

having green leafy vegetables is essential for you because green vegetables are low in calories but high in nutrition levels. Green leafy vegetables are rich in beta-carotene and lutein that helps to prevent cancer. Green leafy vegetables contain lots of minerals and vitamins; spinach is known as one of the most nutrient-dense veggies with loads of vitamins and antioxidants. Spinach is also rich in vitamin B1, zinc, minerals and fibre, which is good for your bones health, reduce blood pressure levels, and helps to reduce your stress level. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, spring onions and so much more are nature’s gift for you to get nutrient-dense foods that are great for your health. 

4.      Eggs:

Eggs contain all the essential amino acids that your body needs and therefore eggs are really good for you. One of the best options to have whenever you are outside feeling hungry and want to have something filling and nutrient-dense, especially if you are travelling and want to eat something tasty and healthy. Eggs are known to increase the bad cholesterol level in some people; however, this does not apply to everyone else. Want to have healthy fats, protein, vitamin B12, B2, including essential amino acids, have eggs. 

5.      Wheat:

You do not need to go to caves to get some of the most nutrient-dense foods; you can easily find them in your kitchen. You can have wheat every day because wheat contains selenium, iron, zinc and loads of fibre that help you feel satiated for a long time, reduce obesity and can be helpful in the weight loss process. When you have fibre-rich food, this helps your digestive system to smooth the digestion process and further helps in the secretion of bile acids. Secretion of bile acids and enzymes prevents colon cancer. Fibre-rich foods like wheat also promote good bacteria in your gut and reduce the time of unused material towards your gut. 

6.      Fish:

One of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids along with iodine. As per some studies, people who have more seafood or fish are less prone to develop heart diseases and dementia. Mothers who are expecting a baby are widely told to have fish because fishes contain iron, zinc, and other essential minerals that help to improve haemoglobin levels, stimulate vital enzymes and improve body function. Fish is also good to prevent heart disease because fish do not have saturated fats (unhealthy fats). 

7.      Cereals:

it is best to always opt for no added sugar cereals because it is not good for your health to have cereals with added sugar. Having cereals in breakfast not only helps you feel fuller for a long time but also provides essential minerals, fibre and vitamins. Adding cereals to your breakfast helps you to get energy, along with vitamin D and calcium. Therefore, cereals are also good for your muscles and tissues and treat constipation problems. You can have oats, corn flakes, porridge and muesli for your breakfast. This will give you an abundance of your nutrients and would not increase your blood sugar levels. 

8.      Curd and yoghurt:

If we talking about some of the most nutrient-dense foods, how can we forget curd or yoghurt? Fermented foods like yoghurt, home set curd are excellent sources of probiotics that improve a healthy balance in your body. Good bacteria not only improve your digestion but also prevent you from various health problems; in short, you will not get ill. There are people who are lactose intolerant but they can handle curd because it is easier for you to digest curd. Curd contains, calcium, vitamin, B12. B2, potassium, magnesium, calcium and protein, which is good for your health. If you want to improve your immune system, having curd is great for you. It can also prevent you from type-2 diabetes. Curd helps to improve your bones and teeth because it is rich in calcium and improves your metabolism rate.

9.      Chicken:

Having meat is more difficult to digest compared to vegetables and therefore it is good t have unprocessed meat because it is easier for you to digest it. Having chicken helps to get essential protein, zinc, magnesium and iron, which is great for your bone health. The reason people who want to lose weight have chicken breasts is that chicken breasts are rich in protein and low in fat. Having meat also provides essential nutrients like vitamin B12, B2, E and B6 along with antioxidants that help to recover muscles. 

10.  Nuts:

nuts are a great source of healthy fats, but they are more than just healthy fats. Nuts contain essential vitamins, protein, minerals, carbohydrates, manganese, magnesium, selenium, copper, and phosphorus. Having dry fruits is also helpful to prevent you from the free radical damage because dry fruits are rich in antioxidants. You can have a handful of dry fruits every day to get all the essential nutrients. If you want to lose weight or lower your bad cholesterol levels, it is great to add nuts to your diet because nuts are rich in healthy fats. This does not mean you will eat too many nuts. A handful of different nuts are good for a day. 

If you want to stay healthy, having meals that are rich in all types of essential nutrients you need is essential. If not all, at least start with two or one meal that contains essential nutrients. See it yourself, your mood, your energy levels and observe your body and work after having nutrient-dense meals and after have chips, burgers or fries.

Also, what type of food is great for you depends on lots of factors like your age, your area, surroundings, your body type, your health condition, environment and so much more. Some people might feel like having chapatti instead of rice and some might prefer flax seeds instead of fish and it is all fine until you are having nutrient-dense foods.

When you eat healthily, this helps you to feel good inside out and it also improves your mood. You can lose weight without making your system weak, especially if you have foods that are high in nutrition but low in calories. A well-balanced meal can improve your cardiovascular disease and it can prevent you from diabetes. It is great for diabetic people to have foods that are high in nutrients and low in GI, without any sugar in them.

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