Signs Of High Cholesterol Level In Your Leg!


A sedentary lifestyle is a way to invite various chronic health problems and this can affect your day-to-day activities. It is not normal to live an unhealthy lifestyle and thinking that you will not get affected by this, sooner or later you will. 

Today, we will discuss the high cholesterol level in the legs that can happen to people who live an unhealthy lifestyle. We will also discuss the signs of high cholesterol in your legs so that if this happens to you are better informed and consult a doctor without any delay. 

What is Cholesterol? 

Cholesterol is protein and fats, and it is a waxy substance that is produced by your liver. Cholesterol is essential for the formation of vitamin D, your cell membranes and it also helps to balance hormones. 

Do you know that cholesterol is insoluble in water? Cholesterol is transported to different parts of your body with the help of lipoprotein, which is a specific type of protein. When the cholesterol in your system has more fat and less protein, this leads to the formation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Low-density lipoprotein comes under the category of bad cholesterol. 

The level of low-density lipoprotein increases when you consume unhealthy fats and live a sedentary lifestyle. When you are not having healthy fats and diet and doing little physical activity, this increases the buildup of LDL in the arteries that further narrows and blocks your arteries. Therefore, people with high LDL are prone to the risk of stroke and heart attack. 

High Cholesterol Level in your Legs:

When the bad cholesterol level increases to a dangerous level, the result shows some serious symptoms.

Symptoms that happen because of the build-up of bad cholesterol levels and hamper your daily activities. 

When the blood has more cholesterol than your body needs, this affects the Achilles tendon of your legs and, with the help of some symptoms, you can consult your doctor for treatment. 

Symptoms of High Cholesterol Level:

1.  Pain in the legs: This happens the legs arteries are blocked due to the excess cholesterol level in your blood. This restricts the oxygen-rich blood to your lower parts and therefore your legs feel tired and heavy. 

2.  People with high levels of bad cholesterol also experience burning pain in the lower limbs. This also causes pain mostly in the calves and thighs, but pain can happen in any part of the leg. Even a small distance walk can cause pain in the legs. 

3.  People with high cholesterol levels experience leg cramps while sleeping and you mainly experience the cramps in the toes, forefoot and heels. This problem also damages the arteries of the lower limb. The symptoms might get worse while sleeping at night, so in this case, sitting for a while can increase the blood flow in the legs and dangling the foot for a while, is also helpful.

4.  When the blood flow is poor, this can also change the colour of your nails and skin. This happens when the cells lack nourishment. When the cells do not get enough blood supply, you can see the impact on your skin and nails because blood helps to provide oxygen and nutrients to various parts and when it gets hamper because of a high level of cholesterol, this can hamper your health. 

5.  Cold feet are also a common symptom of high cholesterol in the legs and the person experience cold feet throughout the year, not only in winter. People with high cholesterol levels in the legs also experience cold feet during summer. 

 If you experience the above symptoms, it is better to not delay any further and consult a doctor as soon as you can.

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