How to Know These Aren’t IBS Symptoms?

There are chances that you might compare your stomach problem with IBS symptoms because you are actually confused about whether it’s IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or not. 

According to Dr Peyton Berookim, who is the founder of Westwood Wellness and a gastroenterologist, “IBS is a functional disorder of the digestive tract that is characterized by abdominal pain with an associated change in bowel habit (either diarrhea or constipation).”

And, to actually understand whether these signs are actually due to IBS, you need to consult a doctor because these symptoms might happen due to the bad changes in your lifestyle.

This happens, if you are facing digestion issues there are chances that you might think this is because of irritable bowel syndrome. But the symptoms of IBS might happen due to the conditions.

8 Lifestyle Habits That Might Lead To IBS Symptoms:

1. Less Physical Activities or No exercise: 

When you don’t do enough physical activity or exercise, you are making your digestion system to work slower than its optimum level. 

When you do not exercise and your digestive system isn’t working at its optimum level, this might lead to constipation or other digestion issues. 

Even if a person follows a 30-minute exercise daily, this keeps your core engaging and keep your system work at its optimum level. 

2. No fixed time for meals:

If you are experiencing indigestion and heartburn, the reason for this might not be IBS. This problem might happen due to the uncertain timing of having meals, late-night or mid-night snacking can also lead to such issues. 

When it’s time to sleep but you decide to keep awake, then there are chances that even after having dinner you might feel hungry, that is where you might start eating. This lead to heartburn symptoms, when you finally sleep.

3. Drinking too much liquid while having meals:

According to a Clinical nutritionist Sara Kahn “Drinking too much liquid during meals can lead to feelings of fullness and reflux,” And, a full meal plus a lot of liquid in your stomach is more likely to lead to bloating and discomfort. “

She suggested that, instead of drinking liquids with meals, try drinking throughout the day or before and after you eat,”

4. Drinking Carbonated Drinks:

If you love having soft drinks and soda, you need to know this, drinking too much of carbonated water like soda, or even sugary soft drinks leads to a carbonated abdominal problem like bloating. Bloating is one of the key symptoms of IBS.

And when bloating happens, you can simply squeeze a fresh lemon in plain water and have. This will help you get rid of bloating.

5. Not chewing food properly or eating quickly:

If a person chews his/her food properly, then most of the digestion problem will be easily resolved. It is sad, but people tend to finish their food quickly or too busy to give appropriate time while eating, besides the fact that whatever we earn, we do it for the food and then comes the other aspects.

As per the nutritionist Sara Kahn, “If you are eating on the run, eating in your car, eating in a hurry or eating in front of the TV, chances are that you are not chewing your food well enough. The process of digestion begins in the mouth.”

When most of us tend to finish our meals during work or due to any other urgency, this may lead to digestion problem, because if you chew your food properly this will do the 50% digestion will be done within your mouth.

6. Lack of fiber:

Packed juices and flavoured fruits based on desserts have changed our habits to eat raw fruits along with their pulp and complete fiber. Consuming fruits and vegetables with low fiber can lead to digestion problem like constipation.

On the other side, this can also happen if you are taking too many fiber-based foods, though the right amount of fiber intake depends upon an individual. The recommended intake of fiber is 25 to 30 grams per day.

7. Lower liquid intake: 

According to some nutritionist the best way easy bowel movement is drinking an adequate amount of water and even adding vegetable and fruits with higher water content. 

When you do not drink a reasonable amount of water, then this can cause dehydration, hard stool, incomplete evacuation, constipation, and straining.

There are other crucial conditions which might lead to inflammatory bowel disease that looks like IBS symptoms, but to know it for sure you need to consult a medical expert on this.

8. Too much of Caffeine intake:

Taking too much caffeine can lead to colon contraction and increase the urge to a bowel movement. Even people who drink too much coffee are more prone to develop diarrhea.

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