7 Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga Every Morning

In the past couple of years, Yoga has become kind of a mainstream activity. The word “Yoga” itself is derived from a Sanskrit word called “Yuji” which means Union. Yoga is a mind-body exercise that needs physical movement, meticulous breathing, and mental peace. Anyone irrespective of their lifestyle can do Yoga. If you want to take care of your body and reduce the stress of your lifestyle, then you should practice yoga every morning. There’s nothing better than practicing Yoga every day to improve the quality of your life and mental peace.

Yoga offers a lot of benefits in curing and preventing health problems, one of the biggest benefits it offers is reduced stress. Research studies in the past have shown that practicing yoga every morning can help minimize stress hormones and improve your productivity. 

Let’s dive in on the best health benefits of practicing yoga every morning. 

7 Health Benefits of Morning Yoga Practice

1. Get Rid of Morning Muscle Stiffness

Doing Yoga Asanas or exercises can help your muscles and joints to loosen up. You can get rid of muscle stiffness after you wake up every morning. When we sleep, our muscles rest, and all the layers of connective tissue and body fluid can build up. These tissues can cause muscle stiffness in the morning. If you don’t stretch or do any kind of exercise in the morning, it can cause stiffness in your body which can lead to muscle pain. 

2. Removes Stress

As we mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of practicing Yoga in the morning is stress removal. If you can manage to do yoga every morning for an hour, then it can have a significant impact on stress on your body. This will also help you start your day in a relaxed state and remove the stress of your previous day. Relaxing the stress from your mind can also help in improving the health of your body. 

3. Better Control on Breathing

By doing Pranayam you can have better control over your breathing. Pranayam is a yoga asana that’s well known to improve lung capacity and provide you better control over your breathing. This can be beneficial for the functioning of your organ.

4. Releases Happy Hormone

Hormones play a huge role in your mental health, hormones help in regulating the mood some of these hormones like dopamine and endorphin are known as happy hormones. The release of these hormones makes you feel happy and content. Studies have shown that meditating every morning can release dopamine and endorphins which make you feel happy throughout the day. 

5. Time for Yourself

It is vital that you take out at least 10 minutes of time for yourself. Having some time yourself can improve productivity and also provides a significant amount of mental peace to kick start your day. Doing yoga asanas in the morning can help in increasing mental peace and enough energy to get you through the day. Giving some time to your body is a way to tell yourself how much you care for your body. 

6. Improves Digestive System

Some studies have shown that your gut and your brain are interconnected. If your body isn’t able to digest the food that you eat properly then it can lead to some huge health issues and it may affect your food intake in the long run. By doing yoga every morning, the body’s metabolism is boosted and the digestive system releases waste products and digests the necessary products. Your peace of mind comes from the belly.

7. No Need for Caffeine

When we wake up in the morning our mind and our body take some time to get in sync and this is why we need morning coffees. And your body feels stiff as soon as you wake up. You can do Suryanamaskar, also called Sun Salutations. It’s a series of 12 yoga asanas that provides your body with instant energy, positivity and it can allow you to have a productive day. This is why you should do yoga every morning. 

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