5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Jaggery!

Jaggery is one of the best alternatives to sugar, it made by concentrated sugarcane juice. When this juice becomes solid, it becomes jaggery. Jaggery is used in making various sweets like halwa, gajjak, and the powdered form of jaggery is used to mix in liquid form. You can also use it in various desserts, but mostly it is used to mix in milk and other liquids.

Many people enjoy simple staple food like having a chapatti with ghee and jaggery powder. Many people think that jaggery is only made from sugarcane juice, but it is also made from date palm and the sack of coconut. However, the most widely used jaggery is made of sugarcane juice.

Today we will discuss the benefits of jaggery and how jaggery helps to treat indigestion, clean your system, and nourish you with essential minerals.

If you really looking for a sugar alternative, jaggery is a really good option. So, let’s discuss the benefits of jaggery.

Benefits of Jaggery:

1.      Treat digestion:

Yes, you must have seen that your grandparents and parent usually like to finish their meal with jaggery and this one of the best desserts you can have after a meal. Jaggery helps to activate the digestive enzymes in your system, and this further helps to digest your food properly. So, if you are someone who faces indigestion after having your meal, have jaggery after you finish your meal.

2.      Cleanse your body:

Do you know that people who work in a jute factory, cement factories and thermal power plant are given jaggery to protect their lungs. Jaggery is rich in antioxidants, minerals like zinc, selenium and iron that help to increase your haemoglobin level. Also, jaggery increases the oxygen supply to the various organs because the increase in haemoglobin level also improves the oxygen level in your blood. Jaggery also reduces the effect of free radicals to prevent early signs of ageing.

3.      Treat PMS:

Premenstrual syndrome can lead to various symptoms like period cramps, mood swings and pain in the abdominal region. To treat these symptoms having a piece of jaggery every day or every time you have your meal is helpful in PMS.

4.      A great alternative to sugar:

Having jaggery instead of sugar is a great step to a healthy change because jaggery contains various essential minerals, antioxidants and cleansing properties. On the other hand, sugar does not contain any nutrition and causes various health problems. Jaggery is also an energy booster and gives you enough energy to feel active throughout the day. 

5.      Natural sweetener:

Jaggery is high in nutrition, compared to factory-made honey because mostly these honey lack nutrient that are found in natural, pure honey. Jaggery is versatile it can be used in solid and powdered form and used in various sweet dishes to add sweet taste and health. Jaggery is mainly used to make various types of laddoos and gajjak (dry sweet) in winter to keep your system warm. 

Make sure you do not eat too much jaggery and eat an adequate amount, especially in summers because jaggery keeps your body warm. People who want to reduce excess body weight or diabetic should strictly keep their jaggery consumption in check. Excess consumption of jaggery can increase their sugar level; remember anything in access can lead to problems.

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