What are the Health Benefits of Dates & the Best Time to Eat Dates?

Looking at the health benefits of dates, we can easily say that it is one of the best options for the people who crave for sweets. Dates are a healthy source of sweetness and nourishment. This is the reason it is a popular fruit to consume, especially in winters. Yes, the best time to eat dates is winters because dates keep your body warm if you want to have dates in summers it is better to have it in a limit.

Dates origin goes back to 5320 BC, this fruit is common in the middle east and north Africa. Even the cultivation of dates is common among the Middle East and North Africa region.

The topic for today is the health benefit of dates, and as we all know winter has come it time to add dates in your diet because dates are rich with macronutrients, including other health benefits of dates.

We will discuss the health benefits of dates, types of dates, and why it is essential to add dates in your diet.

What are Dates?

These are tropical fruits and grow on palm trees. Their scientific name is phoenix dactylifera. Dates are known for their amazing health benefits, and that is why dates are counted in one of the healthiest fruits around the world.

These are categorized under the dry fruits, and they are even used in various foods, because of their high content of natural sugar like cookies, shakes (as a natural sweetener) instead of using sugar.

Dates are mainly harvested in bunches and dates are grown by local farmers, and then these fruits are exported all over the world.

Health Benefits of Dates:

1. High in nutrition:

Dates are known for its nutritional value like fibre, carbs, essential vitamins and other beneficial nutrients. These are also good for your skin, pulmonary and cardiac health because dates are rich in antioxidants. Dates also prevent you from cancer because dates also contain anti-carcinogenic and anti-mutagenic properties.

2. Dates rich with anti-oxidants:

This is one of the best health benefits of dates because adding dates to your diet can help you get rid of free radicals that damage your cells. The damaging of genetic integrity and structure of your cells happens because of oxidation and the antioxidants in date inhibit the process of oxidation.

If we talk about antioxidants, dates are listed in the topmost row for its high anti-oxidants levels.

3. Dates help to facilitate natural labour:

Pregnant females should also know the health benefit of dates. Pregnant females who consume dates daily are more likely to deliver natural labour compared to others. If we talk about today’s time, the number of natural labour is going down. Many pregnant females go through complications like caesarean deliveries that cause the problem to many young mothers of this time.

But adding dates in your diet at the later stages of pregnancy can be really helpful to ease the process of delivery.

4. Improves Alzheimer’s condition: 

Dates are known for their health benefits, but dates can also help people with Alzheimer. Because dates help to reduce the risk of developing brain degenerative conditions that further helps to prevent Alzheimer.

Also, consuming dates helps to prevent the risk of plaques that can lead to cell damage and Alzheimer’s. Adding dates in your diet can also help to boost memory, learning, and anxiety disorders.

5. Dates prevent you from bacterial infections: 

In today’s dates, if you get a microbial infection most of the time, the treatment is done with antibiotics that may also cause side-effects. These antibiotic treatments are expensive and cause some side-effects, where on the other side dates can help prevent you from some harmful bacteria due to its active resistance.  

As per some studies on the health benefit of dates, it contains some properties that help to prevent you from deadly microbial like pneumonia and E-coli. Dates are strongest amongst most of the fruits to fight against microbes.

6. Solve bowel movements problems:

If a person is suffering from irregular bowel movements adding dates will be beneficial for them because dates are rich in fibre content that promotes regular bowel movements.

Another health benefit of dates is that it reduces the risk of colon cancer because dates contain non-soluble fibre that reacts with the microbiota present in our intestines, and this prevents you from colon cancer.

7. Might aid diabetes: 

Another health benefit of dates that contain some properties that help to decrease the rate of absorption of glucose from the intestine and also increase the production of insulin level.

Therefore, people who are suffering from diabetes, dates can be helpful for them because lack of insulin level leads to diabetes problem and dates help to resolve this issue. Dates are a natural source to increase insulin production without using any allopathic medicines. 

Do you know that there are various types of dates? 

You will find various varieties of dates all over the world. These tiny sweet dry fruits are full of nutrition, and multiple benefits need to make lace in your home so you get all the health benefits of dates. So, the next time you go to buy something healthy do not forget to buy dates.

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