Amla and Honey Together are Amazing For Overall Health

benefits of amla and honey

Amla and honey both are extremely beneficial for our overall health. Amla and honey both are rich with many beneficial properties.

Amla is Rich in Vitamin C:

  • Amla is extremely beneficial for your overall health.
  • If you eat amla every day, it will prevent you from a lot of health problems.
  • Amla taste is not really good if eaten raw, but it is boosted with vitamin c.
  • Amla has a lot of nutritious substances in it.
  • If you want to keep your body and skin healthy, amla can do wonders.
  • But, to achieve this you need to consume amla on a daily basis.
  • The best thing about amla is that the vitamin c remain intact in it, even after it gets dry.
  • To increases the benefits of amla you must have it with honey. This doubles the benefits.

Why Honey and Amla Together?

  • If you soak amla into honey, you can preserve amla for months or a year, hence the life of the amla increases.
  • Fill an empty jar with honey and soak amla in it. Do not forget to airtight the container.
  • Once you start consuming this, after a few days you will understand the benefits of these two magical food substances.

Honey and Amla for Sore Throat and Cold:

  • You need to consume honey and amla daily, twice in the morning and in the evening time.
  • To get the immediate relief you need to do this without missing your dose.
  • To increase the effect more you can consume it with ginger water.

Honey & Amla to Look Young!

  • Honey and amla both can be really helpful to reduce the fines lines and wrinkles.
  • To achieve the benefits, you need to consume a tablespoon of amla and honey mixture every day.
  • This will help you to keep you young, and your skin will remain healthy.

Not only this, but these two magical ingredients are also amazing for the following reasons:

Get rid of Asthma: Though there are a lot of benefits of having amla with honey but getting rid of asthma is one of them. Having amla and honey every day also helps to get rid of asthma problem because amla help to control the production of phlegm, wheezing and breathlessness.

Amla with honey benefits help to detox your system and respiratory tract, result in better breathing.

Add 20 grams of amla powder with one tablespoon of honey and consume this every day in the morning.

 Detox your system: Add one tablespoon of honey with amla juice and also add 1 tablespoon ginger juice. You can consume this mixture every day in the morning.

This mixture helps to detox your system if you consume this mixture as first thing in the morning. This liquid flushes toxins from your system and improves the functioning of your organs.  

 Get rid of infertility: Amla has some beneficial properties which help to improve the quality of sperm and also improve the reproductive tissues. Another benefit of consuming amla is to strengthen uterus for a successful pregnancy.

Add one tablespoon of honey with amla powder (one tablespoon) in a glass of water. Drink this mixture every day.

Consuming honey and amla together can be a magical combo pack of health. So, once you start your day with this, and see the benefits after a few days, you will be much healthier than a lot of people around you.

Though a lot of factors define your health but it always starts with these tiny steps. Share these (Amla with honey) benefits with your friends and family people and share this post with them also.

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