Do Not Have These Four Food Combos To Prevent Health Problems!


Ayurveda is one of the ancient ways of living that is still followed in many parts of India. And the text and the scientific information are still practical and helpful for your overall well-being. 

As per Ayurveda, there are certain types of food with different types of taste, energy and effect on your digestion. Therefore, mixing two types of combination can affect your health and result in indigestion, skin problems, cold, and cough. 

You must be unaware of the side effects of such food combinations that can harm your system. And that is why we will share some of the food combinations that should be avoided to prevent some health problems. 

Combining foods with different virya, vipaka and rasa can disturb your digestion process. This can lead to various issues like allergies, indigestion, skin problems and constipation. 

Do not Have These Four Foods Combinations:

1.     Cow milk and chyawanprash:

Cow milk and chyawanprash are one combination that should not be consumed together as per Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, having sour fruits with milk is not good for your digestion. This can also lead to imbalance and skin problems. You can have chyawanprash in the morning (empty stomach) and it is advisable to not eat anything for at least one or one and a half hours. 

2.     Milk and banana shake:

This is difficult because this is a popular combination that so many people like to have as a pre-workout drink or even in general, people like to have a banana milkshake. But, according to Ayurveda, having milk and banana together can diminish your digestive fire. Having these two combinations can also lead to the production of toxins that can further lead to cold, cough, hair fall, sinus problem and constipation. 

3.      Cold coffee and sandwiches:

No doubt this one is also popular amongst people, especially when you go outside to restaurants. These two combinations are popular with cafe culture and the combo is delicious. But, as per Ayurveda, having hot and cold food combinations together can lead to skin problems, indigestion, and disturb your digestion process. Consuming salt and milk combo is not good for your digestion process. 

4.    Melons and milk:

When it comes to food combinations that are not good for your health, how can we forget melons and milk? These two foods are good for you if you have them individually after some time. Having these two things together can lead to nausea, stomach pain and indigestion. Melon is a sweet and sour fruit that is great for your health. But to digest melon, our stomach releases some acid and when you have milk along with melon, the digestion process gets disturbed. As per Ayurveda, having seasonal fruits like mangoes is best to have with milk, and this is also considered a great energy drink. 

Even healthy foods can lead to complications because of ignorance and lack of knowledge. It is better to take prevention than making ways for unnecessary drama for your system.

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