Foods To Have & Avoid During Periods

There are females who do not feel any symptoms during their periods like headache, nausea, and cramping. However, there are many females all over the world who face all these symptoms. To get relief from these symptoms, the least you can do is have foods that ease your symptoms.

When you are bleeding, you are also losing nutrition along with the blood. Therefore, it is necessary to have foods that are not only high in nutrition but also help to get relief from periods of symptoms. Foods can either increase or decrease the intensity of your symptoms and, with the help of the right diet and foods, you can get rid of period cramps. 

The wrong type of food during periods can result in mood swings, bloating, swelling, cramps and pain. No women want to elevate these symptoms, and that is why it is necessary to eat healthy nutritious foods during your periods. 

Foods to have during Periods: 

  • Salmon: This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to get relief from cramps and relax the uterus. So, if you are on periods, having salmon can be beneficial to get relief from the symptoms. 
  • Dark Chocolate: So many women love to have chocolates, especially when they are in their periods and from now on you do not need any excuses to have chocolates because dark chocolates are filled with antioxidants. Try to just dark chocolates with no additives or other ingredients because this can lead to excessive calories, and you will not get any health benefits. 
  • Figs, watermelon and plums: Instead of having candies, pastries and all types of desserts, you should have something with natural sugar that will not only provide your energy but also be healthy in periods. This will keep your cravings for having something sweet under control and you will get essential vitamins, hydration, including other nutrients that will prevent you from bloating, reduce swelling and keep you hydrated. So, try to include watermelon for hydration, plums and figs to get relief from various symptoms. 
  •  Oatmeal: Oats are rich in vitamin B, A and calcium and these nutrients help get one of the essential nutrients like iron. If you are facing cramps during periods, this will prevent you from unbearable period symptoms. Having oatmeal also helps to reduce the risk of PMS symptoms and treats an upset stomach. 
  • Eggs: You all must be aware that eggs are an excellent source of protein because eggs contain all types of essential amino acids that your body needs, including B vitamins, fatty acids, iron and fat-soluble nutrients. People with sensitivity should avoid having hard-boiled eggs because this can increase the risk of heartburn and bloating. 
  • Citrus: Citrus fruits are extremely beneficial during periods like lemons, limes, and oranges. These citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber and therefore help to prevent bloating, mood swings and also provide relief from period cramps. The high amount of water content in these fruits also keeps you hydrated. You can also prepare smoothies and juices, but make sure you do not remove the fruits plum because it can remove so much nutrition from the fruits. 

Avoid These Foods During Periods: 

  • Avoids processed foods: If you are on periods, try to have foods with ample nutrients like vitamins, water, iron, minerals, protein, and fibre. Do not have foods that are processed, filled with preservatives like canned foods, processed meat that can lead to water retention worse, bloating. 
  • Excess sodium and sugar: If you are on your period, do not have foods that are high in sodium and sugar. Excess amount of sodium intake is not good on any day because will cause more problems during your periods. Also, you might feel good after having snacks and candies to satisfy your sugar cravings but try to avoid excess sugar intake, you can have a natural source of sugar like fruits but having candies and those packed juices can lead to a short-term spike in sugar level and can also lead to bloating. 
  • Alcohol: Do not consume alcohol, especially when you are on your periods, because this can make you vulnerable to alcohol side-effects because you are already losing blood. Consumption of alcohol can lead to menstrual flow and fatigue. 
  • Spicy foods: A spicy food lover? You need to control your spice craving during the periods because if you consume spicy foods, this can aggravate the symptoms of periods like tiredness, cramps, intense bleeding and tiredness. On top, spicy foods can also lead to bloating and gas problems. 

Try to have foods like cinnamon, fennel seeds, turmeric, bananas to get rid of the period symptoms because these foods can give you relief from period symptoms. These spices and herbs contain healing properties like anti-cancer, anti-hypertensive, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

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