Five Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Sciatica Surgery!

Sciatica pain radiates down the legs and feet, but the pain originated from your lower back and it happens at the one side of your lower body. 

Sciatica pain leads to the inflammation of the sciatic nerve in the lower backside. And lumbar radiculopathy is the medical term which is used for sciatica, which means the pinching of a nerve as it exits the spine. 

A lot of people neglect their back pain problem in the initial days and some cases, people don’t get cured with the help of treatments for sciatica pain and that leads to the last option which is surgery. And, therefore, you need to ask some questions before making your decision to go for surgery.

What are the Causes of Sciatica?

Sciatica pain can happen because of many reasons, but there are some prominent reasons which cause sciatica pain. And after surgery, a sciatica patient will get rid of sciatica pain or not depend upon the reason behind the inflamed nerve. 

Causes of Sciatica Pain:

  • Degeneration of spine because of tear and wear in bone spur (areas of extra bone growth)
  • Misaligned and slipped vertebrae–Spondylolisthesis
  • One of the most popular causes is herniated disc in the lower back. 
  • Narrowing of the space inside the spinal canal called spinal stenosis. 
  • Injury in the back or a cyst or tumour in the spine. 

Sciatica pain may also result in irritation in the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscles in the buttock. This situation is also known as piriformis syndrome and in this condition one rarely requires surgery. 

How Sciatica Pain Disrupt your Day to Day Living?

Sciatica pain may increase all the way from your lower back to the back of your buttocks, thigh, and foot. 

The sciatica pain may remain constant for days and even weeks, depending upon your severity. 

The pain might get so tensed that your day-to-day tasks and activity gets disturbed, and it is difficult for you to do the basic activities like, sitting, walking, driving, standing, and pain while lifting something heavy. 

It is important to not sit for long hours in sciatica and even sports and being active can make things worse. 

If after trying every possible treatment you are suffering from pain, which is further affecting your social life, your work, your relationships, your day-to-day activities, your hobbies and constant pain everyday people tend to go for sciatica surgery as the last option but a lot of patients has recovered fully from sciatica pain with the help of herbal medicines. 

SureShot Ayurveda is the only treatment in the world which can cure sciatica pain completely just with the help of herbal medicines, no side-effect, no surgery required. 

What are the Other Possible Options to Get Sciatica Treatment? 

There are many ways to get relief from sciatica pain, without surgery. But, which treatment is best for you also depend upon the cause of sciatica. 

The treatments might include steroid injections, aquatic therapy, nerve blocks, pain relief medication and physical therapy including other ways. But which treatment is effective for you to depend upon your condition. 

In cases where sciatica patients do not get relief from sciatica pain after getting treated by the primary care physician, the sciatica patients may consider getting an appointment with a pain medicine specialist or a rehabilitation physician. 

Every patient suffers pain differently and therefore it takes consulting the right specialist or right treatment to find the permanent cure to sciatica pain. 

What are your expectations after getting surgery?

Coming on a final decision about sciatica surgery when all other treatments have failed for you, can be tough. Therefore, it is important to discuss it with your surgeon about the post-surgery goals, especially those around pain and activity. 

Tough there are up to 90 per cent cases where the patient sees improvement in their sciatica pain after surgery, but no doctor can guarantee the complete recovery. If the numbness is still there, then there are chances of getting sciatica again at another vertebra.

In some cases, people’s conditions become worse after surgery and therefore a lot of our patient who was told that their sciatica won’t recover completely and surgery is the only option and then they opted for herbal medicines. 

Till now, there is not even a single case of sciatica which is not satisfied with our herbal medicines treatment to cure sciatica pain completely. 

Based on the type of surgery, most of the patients are completely recovered within two or four weeks. On the other side, there is a minimal invasive surgery and in this, the recovery is much faster. But if the surgical procedures include more than one disc or vertebra, your back will take longer to recover.   

What are the Risk Factors for Getting Surgery?

Most of the surgical procedures include general anaesthesia, which includes risk factors like blood clotting and heart attack. This risk factor is also there with other surgeries.

Getting surgery for sciatica involves tissues around a nerve, and therefore nerve injury is also possible; infection is also a risk factor with most of the surgeries.

Then there are risk factors which may depend upon your lifestyle, background and state of health. Such problems might increase the risk during surgery, or it may also affect how successful the surgery is in relieving your sciatica pain. 

According to some studies, people who smoke, have high blood pressure problems, have diabetes, and suffering from sciatica pain from long duration, such a scenario might affect the outcome of the procedure. 

Therefore, before you make a final decision to consider the surgeon who can look beyond your physical symptoms of sciatica and suggest or success other factors that might influence your decision to go for a surgery. 

SureShot Herbal Medicines for Sciatica Pain Treatment:

SureShot Ayurveda provides herbal medicines for sciatica pain. These herbal medicines are made by SureShot Ayurveda expert with the help of 100% herbs. And one of the best things about these herbs is that they cause no side-effects, unlike allopathic treatments. 

SureShot Herbal medicines are the only medicine in the world which can cure sciatica pain completely. 

SureShot team, we make sure to provide the best help from our side to provide you with the best Ayurvedic treatment for sciatica pain treatment. 

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