Include These 6 Flour To Your Diet During Winters


Winters is the season where almost everyone loves to have a hot home-cooked meal, also people who generally eat outside the home miss their home-cooked food because of the various varieties of vegetables you get during winters. 

Now, when we are talking about varieties how we forget about various types of flours we should include in our diet to get so many tremendous health benefits. These different varieties of flours made chapattis can take your dishes to the next level not only in just taste but also in the nutritional value increases. 

Once you start having these different flours during winters, you will not understand the reason that why your grandparents used to eat various types of chapatis based on the season. This multigrain aata marketing is an obsolete idea in India because our parents and grandparents were eating different flour based on the season for ages. And it is high time for you the upcoming next-generation to carry this food culture further because there are only health benefits of consuming seasonal foods. 

Winter is the time where people are prone to develop various infections and viral problems like allergies, colds, coughs and this can happen due to a weak immune system. If you want to prevent such health issues, it is good to add flours that are great for your immunity and overall health, especially during winters. 

Most Indian houses like to have wheat flour throughout the year, but other flours should be added to your diet to get various health benefits that also include better immunity. With the help of these flours you can prepare so many varieties of delicious chapatis that will improve your gut health, and your immunity.

Here is the list of 6 delicious flours to have during winters: 

1. Bajra:

There are varieties of flours that are popular during the winter season, but bajra flour is something is one of the most recommended flour to have during winters. Bajra is rich in fiber, potassium, healthy fats like omega-3 and iron. Also, people who are intolerant to gluten can go for bajra flour because this flour is gluten-free. You can prepare daliya, chapatis, uttapam and khichdi with this flour to get the health benefits. 

2. Jowar:

This flour is also gluten-free, so people who are gluten intolerant can have jowar roti. Jowar is an excellent option to eliminate free radicals, improve digestion, and control sugar levels. Jowar is also beneficial for your heart health and you can prepare roti, pancakes, upma, and even dosa from this flour to get the health benefits of it. 

 3. Kangni:

This flour is also popular flour that is beneficial to have during winters. Kangni is also known as foxtail millet and this flour is rich in fiber, vitamin B12. Having kangni is beneficial for your nervous system and your heart health. People who want to grow their hair should include this flour in their diet because kangni flour promotes hair growth. You can prepare roti, pulao, porridge and khichdi with the help of this flour to get the health benefits. 

4. Makki:

This is a popular flour this is consumed in several parts of India and there is a special dish that is consumed in winters which is ‘sarso ka saag’ and ‘Makki di roti.’ No matter what, these two combinations taste superb, and not only this you can get various health benefits of Makki flour chapati because this flour is rich in selenium, vitamins like A, K, and C along with iron. This can improve your iron level and is beneficial for your immunity. 

 5. Ragi:

Ragi is brown and if you want to get some varieties for your usual wheat flour having ragi roti is a good substitute. Ragi is also a good option for people who want to reduce their excess weight. Having ragi is good for your bone health because ragi is rich in calcium and this flour is also good for diabetic people. You can also prepare a multigrain flour in case you find it difficult to switch to a different grain. 

6. Kuttu:

This flour is popularly consumed during fasting and especially during Navratri. This flour is also known as buckwheat and really filling for you. So, if you want to have something filling that keeps you satiated for a long time you can have kuttu flour prepared roti. Kuttu flour is rich in vitamin B2, vitamin V and vitamin B-complex. You can prepare kuttu roti, parathas, dosa and pancakes to get the health benefits. 

So, now you know that there are so many flour options other than wheat to have during winters and how you can make your simple chapati more nutritious. 

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