Dhanurasana Steps, Precaution & Dhanurasana Health Benefits

Dhanurasana Steps

Dhanurasana is a combination of two words, ‘Dhanur’ means bow and ‘asana’ means posture. This word derived from the Sanskrit language. The reason it is advised to practise Dhanurasana steps because it helps to increase stability and focus. Different yoga asanas have different benefits, and Dhanurasana health benefits include core strength and weight loss.

Therefore, people who want to lose weight and to strengthen your core muscles. Today we will discuss the Dhanurasana benefits and Dhanurasana steps so that whenever you practise Dhanurasana steps, you know to do it correctly.

When you will practise Dhanurasana steps, you will understand that it helps to increase your spinal strength and flexibility because it is a back-bending yoga posture. If you want to increase the strength of your spine, reduce belly fat, want to reverse the biological age, and increase spine flexibility then we advise you to practise 

Dhanurasana steps every day.

Dhanurasana Steps:

1. Get a yoga mat or a normal mat and lay down on your stomach.

2. Then bend your knees and try to hold your ankles with your palms.

3. Do not hold your palm lose; try to hold your ankles tightly.

4. Then lift your arms and legs upwards as high as you can.

5. Then try to hold this posture for as long as you can.

6. Then, slowly come back to the starting position, straighten your legs and unlock your ankles.

7. Then to rest your arms you need to keep your arms at the side of your body and turn your head to your side.

8. Make sure you breathe properly while practising Dhanurasana steps, like when you pull your body upwards you need to exhale, and when you need to lift your legs and arms, you need to inhale.

Dhanurasana Health Benefits:

1. Dhanurasana benefits you to lose belly fat and help to lose weight.

2. Dhanurasana benefits you to open up your shoulder blades.

3. Dhanurasana benefits help to burn the excess belly fat.

4. Dhanurasana benefits your abdominal organs because when you practise Dhanurasana steps it helps to massage your abdominal organs.

5. Dhanurasana benefits your spine and helps to strengthen your spine and to make it more flexible.

6. Dhanurasana helps to tone your abdominal muscles.

7. Dhanurasana benefits your legs and arms by toning them.

8. Dhanurasana benefits you to get rid of menstrual pain.

9. Dhanurasana benefits you to get rid of the constipation problem.

10. Dhanurasana helps to open up the neck, chest and shoulder areas.

11. Dhanurasana helps to stimulate the reproductive system.

Keep these precautions in mind before you practise Dhanurasana:

1. Pregnant women should not practise this asana.

2. People who recently went through neck surgery or abdominal surgery should not practise this asana.

3. People who are suffering from a high blood pressure problem should not practise Dhanurasana.

4. People who are suffering from hernia should not practise Dhanurasana.

5. People, who are suffering from an injury in their neck, lower back, wrists, ankle or shoulder areas, should not practise Dhanurasana.

6. People who are suffering from migraine and headache should not practise Dhanurasana.

7. If you are a beginner, you should practise Dhanurasana under the guidance of a yoga expert.

If you want to strengthen your spine, core muscles and want to reduce belly fat, then you should practise Dhanurasana steps every day. People who want to lose weight but finding it difficult, practising yoga asana can be really helpful for them.

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