8 Common Cause Behind Dark Circles!


The dark circles result from poor diet, lack of sleep, exhaustion, working for hours on your laptops or computer screen. The dark circles around the eyes can occur because of various reasons and today we will discuss the major causes of dark circles. 

The first step to treatment is to understand the actual cause behind it and therefore, understanding some of the major causes that result in dark circles will be helpful to get rid of it in less time. 

According to the experts, dark circles are linked to some health problems as well, like liver disease, dehydration and anaemia. 

Reason Behind Dark Circles:

As we all know, the skin under the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face and the under-eye area has tiny blood vessels that are like a web under the skin. 

The blood capillaries are so fine that when the blood cells queue up to pass through, some of the capillaries leak in the under eyes area. When the red blood cells break down in the under eyes area, this leaves them blue and black. 

8 Common Cause of Dark Circles:

1. Ageing: When you age, the under eyes skin becomes thinner, and that makes the appearance of dark circles more prominent. 

2. Lack of nutrition: If you are not consuming some essential nutrients, this can also lead to dark circles like vitamins K, A, E and C. These vitamins are essential to keep dark circles away. 

3. Consuming alcohol and smoking: Late night parties, consumption of alcohol and smoking can change your skin health poorly. One of the first signs of a sedentary lifestyle is dark circles. Alcohol consumption also leads to dehydration, and this also results in dark circles. 

4. Genetics: If you have dark circles around you due to genetic reasons, then there is nothing much you can do about it. You can try some home remedies or treatments if you really want to get rid of your dark circles. 

5. Exhaustion and poor sleep: If you are working too much and not taking enough rest and sleep, this can cause dark circles. If you are not getting enough rest and sleep, this can make your under-eye area pale and dark. 

6. Sunrays: Mostly people apply sunscreen on their face but forget to apply it under the eyes and all over the eye’s surface that can cause dark circles and early signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. Excess exposure to sunlight can cause pigmentation and excess melanin around the eyes. 

7. Imbalance of hormones: Women go through various phases like menstruation, pregnancy and poor sleep, uncertain diet, and exhaustion when a child is small and all these hormonal changes and lifestyle changes can lead to dark circles. 

8. Allergies: If you are suffering from an allergy that causes itchiness around the eyes, this can also cause dark circles because when you rub or scratch the gentle skin under the eyes, this can cause darker skin under the eyes. 

Various other reasons can result in dark circles: 

1. Anaemia: If someone is suffering from iron deficiency, this can cause extremely visible dark under the eyes. Therefore, it is important to have a well-balanced diet and to have foods that are rich in iron, especially if you are anemic. It is better to first consult your doctor and only then take iron supplements to recover fast. If you lack enough iron in your body, this leads to poor oxygenation in body tissues because of poor oxygen supply. 

2. Liver Problems: People who are suffering from a liver problem like hepatitis are prone to develop dark circles. 

One of the simple and effective ways to keep dark circles away is to drink enough fluids and have a well-balanced diet. Try to eat on time and fix your sleeping hours as well. 

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