How to Cleanse Your Body with Ayurveda? – Benefits of Panchakarma!

panchkarma vs ayurveda

Today we will discuss the Panchkarma benefits? Panchkarma has been used in Ayurveda to provide various health benefits and to cleanse your overall system along with the core. This Panchkarma process is one of the most effective processes in Ayurveda. The panchakarma benefits are so powerful that this therapy has been in existence since the ancient human history. 

When you go through a panchkarma, you understand how Ayurveda benefits you in a tremendous way. This therapy not only cleanses all sorts of ama (toxins) from your body but even your digestive tract. This therapy has a positive effect on your body and mind both, and this therapy can heal various types of health problems. 

Panchkarma benefits you to strengthen your ojas, also known as internal strength to help your body to rebuild. 

According to Ayurveda, there three phases to panchkarma: 

  1. Purva Karma known as preparatory practices. 
  2. Pradhan karma, this is the main techniques of elimination.
  3. Praschat karma, these are the follow-up techniques of rejuvenation. 

These three phases of panchkarma can take more than a month depending upon the person and his/her body. To kick start with this panchkarma process, one can start with food. You should start eating light food, herbs, resting, and reducing stress. 

After starting with this process at home for at least a week, you can go to the place where you want to start with the three phases of panchkarma to get the benefits of this Ayurvedic therapy. 

Panchakarma Benefits: 

The panchkarma benefits your skin as well because in this therapy the therapist will use herbal oil massages known as abhyanga, Shirodhara. 

In this, the therapist pours warm oil on your forehead and third eye, and steam treatments known as svedana. 

The panchkarma benefits to clean your mind, body, prevent many health-related problems and also enhances your skin quality.

The panchkarma benefits you to bring a certain level of balanced optimal state and also demand you to be strong enough to go through this Ayurvedic therapy. 

You can also go for some gentle cleanses if you do not want to go for the entire process of panchkarma. 

Once you go through panchkarma experience, it feels so refreshing and different that you will surely go for such experiences again. The hand-picked therapies, herbal oils, and clean foods help you feel rejuvenated entirely. 

In panchakarma, you get to eat what suit your body type, and when you get this level of nourishment, you will feel the difference yourself. 

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