These 12 Benefits of Tulsi Leaves will Blow Your Mind!

Tulsi is known as the holy basil, especially in India, even today you will find the Tulsi plant in every second house. Today we will share some most amazing benefits of Tulsi leaves and once you will come to know about these benefits, you will also bring a Tulsi plant in case you do not have one. 

In India, Tulsi is known as the sacred plant and this plant is considered the form of Goddess Lakshmi. And therefore, you will find these amazing plants in front of every Hindu religious place. 

Tulsi plants have a sacred place in our heart and Tulsi leaves are known to have astonishing medicinal properties; Tulsi has great importance in Ayurveda. 

Tulsi leaves (holy basil) are helpful to treat fever, cold, bad breath and cough, including other health problems. 

Why Tulsi Leaves are Beneficial?

Tulsi is known as Basil leaves are one of the best home remedies to cure problems like cold, sore throat and cough. 

Here are the beneficial properties found in Tulsi leaves (Holy Basil)

– Zinc 

– Manganese

– Omega-3

– Calcium

– Magnesium

– Iron

– Vitamin A, B, C, and K 

Here are the 12 Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

1. Cure fever: If a person is suffering from fever, then he/she can get rid of their fever with the help of Tulsi leaves. You just need to make a decoction (Kadha) of Tulsi leaves or you can also consume Tulsi juice. 

Tulsi has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties that work like magic to heal you from fever. 

In ancient time and even today, some people consume basil, decoction and juice to reduce fever.

Follow these steps to prepare a decoction of Tulsi leaves

– First get some Tulsi leaves and wash it properly. 

– Get half glass of water and add washed Tulsi leaves in the water.

– Boil this water until it becomes half of it.

– Then turn off the gas and drink this decoction hot.

– You can consume this twice a day.

2. Cure skin infection: Basil leaves are extremely beneficial to cure a skin infection. To get rid of the skin infection, you need to make a paste of Tulsi leaves (do not forget to wash Tulsi leaves with water before you make a paste of it) and apply this paste on the infected area. You need to apply this paste on the infected skin area for a few days and after a while, you will see the result. 

3. Cure a cold and cough: A lot of people caught cough and cold because of climate change and this is the time you can consume Tulsi decoction (Kadha) to avoid seasonal diseases and infection like cough and cold and viral fever.

4. Get rid of stress: As per some of the research, Tulsi leaves contain anti-stress agent and these anti-stress agents are really effective to help you get rid of the stress problem. 

Not only this Tulsi leaves helps to improve your mental health. You can also practice some of the yoga poses to relieve stress that also helps a lot.

5. Get rid of bad breath: If you hate bad breath, then Tulsi is the ultimate wonder for you. Tulsi leaves are known as a natural mouth freshener. 

To get rid of bad breath, you can first get some Tulsi leaves and wash it properly. Then boil it in water for a few minutes and leave the boiling water for some time.

Consume this liquid when it is lukewarm and rinse your mouth properly. 

6. Enhance your immunity: Tulsi leaves are amazing to increase your immunity. If possible, consume the extract or juice of Tulsi leaves daily. 

From ancient time, Tulsi leaves are amazing to boost our immune system. Tulsi leaves are extremely beneficial which helps to increase the production of antibodies in our body which further helps our system o fight against infection in the body. 

7. Clean water: If you don’t know this, then this might be useful for you. Tulsi leaves are used to purify water. The anti-bacterial properties that are found in this holy basil are helpful to kill harmful bacteria in the water. 

These techniques were really popular in the ancient time to purify the drinking water, and you can also add some Tulsi leaves in your water container to get the “benefits of Tulsi leaves“.

8. Improve digestion: Tulsi leaves works beautifully to cure stomach related disorders like bloating, pain, indigestion and heaviness. 

If feel any type of stomach related disorder like it is mentioned above consuming Tulsi leaves extract is beneficial for you. 

You can make a drink by adding Tulsi leaves, ginger, sugar or jaggery in a glass of water and boil it. Drink this mixture and this will help you get rid of the stomach disorder. 

9. Improve sexual health: Men who are facing issues related to sexual health, consuming Tulsi leaves extract can be really beneficial to improve their sexual health. 

For this, you need first extract Tulsi leaves, seeds, Tulsi stem, peel and roots in a bowel. 

Then add these ingredients in water and then boil it. You need to drink this extract for at least 15 days and you will get the result. 

10. Weight loss: Yes, it is true Tulsi leaves helps to reduce your weight loss, but this does not mean that just by drinking Tulsi leaves extract you will lose all your weight. 

Tulsi leaves have some beneficial properties which help to improve your immune system.

11. Improves heart health: Tulsi leaves are extremely beneficial to prevent blood clot and lower cholesterol level. Therefore, Tulsi leaves are amazing to lower the chances of a heart attack and prevent such a severe incident before it becomes life-threatening. 

12. Prevent kidney stones: With the help of a simple home remedy, people who are suffering from kidney stones will get rid of it easily. 

For this just add honey with 3 to 4 tablespoon of Tulsi leaves juice and drink this for at least 2 to 3 months and your kidney stones will be naturally flushed out from your body.

With the Tulsi Leaves, a lot of people can get rid of their health problems. If you think these home remedies are beneficial then you can share these amazing home remedies with your family and friends.

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