Looking for foods rich in nutrients? Then what can be better than green leafy vegetables? Green fresh leafy vegetables are amazing to fulfil the demand for essential nutrients without gaining excess weight. 

Having green leafy vegetables is great for people who want to lose weight without losing the essential nutrients. 

Most of the people who want to lose weight do not take necessary food, which results in a lack of nutrition and hence they make their body weaker in the process of losing weight. You need to understand that even if you want to lose excess weight, your body needs essential nutrients. 

Having green leafy vegetables is great to have those essential nutrients and micronutrients without gaining excess calories. 

6 Benefits of Green Leafy Vegetables:

1.  Spinach: You must have heard about the benefits of spinach and you heard it right. Spinach is a bundle of antioxidants and essential nutrients. It is a wonderful source of Vitamin-A, K and C, rich in calcium, folate, protein and magnesium, which makes this green leafy vegetable a win to have in your meal. Also, spinach is one of the delicious leafy vegetables. 

2.  Kale: This green leafy vegetable is dark green, and the taste is bitter, but if you can compromise on the taste, then it is an excellent green leafy vegetable to add to your diet. Kalis rich in Vitamin K, A and C, and it is filled with calcium, lutein, and magnesium which makes it a perfect veggies option to add to your meal. 

3.  Cabbage: This green leafy vegetable has a crunch in it which makes it one of the popular leafy vegetables and goes with a lot of dishes and junk foods like burgers, salads, and sandwiches, etc. You can also find cabbages in various colours to add colours to your meals along with the nutrition. These leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin-C, micronutrients, Vitamin-K and also contain an adequate amount of protein which makes them a good option to add to your meal. 

4.  Arugula: This vegetable is rich in Vitamin-B9, K, A, and nitrates. This vegetable is used in various dishes like soups, smoothies, scramble, salads and sandwiches. Also, arugula is rich in nitrate, which makes it an excellent choice of leafy vegetable for people with high blood pressure problem. 

5.  Collards Greens: This green leafy vegetable is an excellent source of vitamin K, C, A and potassium, copper and iron and calcium also filled with magnesium. This vegetable is also a good source of magnesium. This vegetable is good to prevent your system from blood clotting and to enhance bone health.

It is best to have green leafy vegetables in the raw form, but if it is not as per your likes, you can also cook these vegetables but do not overcook these vegetables. Cooking these vegetables helps to add texture and flavour which makes it even more tempting to your taste buds and also good for your health. 

But vegetables that can be consumed raw to include these green leafy vegetables in your salad to get the maximum benefits out of it. One of the other ways to have these green vegetables is to have them like smoothies. You might not like the taste but you can do it for the nutrition, right?

Remember, these vegetables are filled with essential nutrients and micronutrients which make these green vegetables ideal for your daily meals and nutrition requirement. 

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