10 Ayurveda Tips for Pregnancy

Congratulations! Pregnancy is the time when you, as a woman or a partner, should take care of the pregnant lady. A woman carries a child in her womb for a long 9 months; in this time, she needs extra care.

For your guidance, here are Ayurveda tips for pregnancy that might help you and your partner.

Ayurveda tips for pregnancy

There are several tips and strategies of Ayurveda for a pregnant woman, and some of those tips are as follows-

1)Cravings: Ayurveda says a woman should prefer and favor her cravings. This means that she should eat whatever she wants, and a healthy diet should follow that.

2)Balance Vata: This is the most important and best theme in the Ayurveda tips for pregnancy. It says to eat fresh, plant-based, non-processed food, whole or sprouted grains, etc.

3)Balance the taste: Ayurveda suggests you balance 3 tastes, i.e., sweet, salty, and sour. During pregnancy, you should focus more on the sweet taste as it is the most sattvic and is considered wholesome for the baby.

4)Milk: Drinking milk during pregnancy is something you all know, but do you know which kind of milk is best for a pregnant lady? Ayurveda says to consume warm and vat- pasteurized milk with ghee. This Ayurveda tip for pregnancy will help in boosting the immunity as well as the complexion of the baby.

5)Massage: Massaging with ayurvedic herbalist oil can calm the pregnant lady’s skin-based sensory nervous system, which will calm the baby.

6)Exercise: You should prefer doing basic exercises, including walking, meditating, etc.

7)Rest: You should take rest in these 9 months, but with that, you have to be active too. But in the last 2-3 months you should prefer taking more rest as the immunity is passed between the mother and the child. By following this Ayurveda tip for pregnancy, you will be able to see a positive change in you and your pregnancy.

8)Diet: You should maintain a healthy diet for the entire period of 9 months. You should intake food that is easy to digest. Also, avoid eating leftovers and junk food at this time.

9)Sleep: During your pregnancy, you should try to take proper sleep. While sleeping, you should take care of your posture. The best posture to sleep for a pregnant woman is to sleep on your sides and not on your back.

10)Healthy atmosphere: Amongst Ayurveda tips for pregnancy, this is the most important one. You should avoid negative feelings and thoughts as Ayurveda says that a mother’s mind needs to be at peace while pregnant.

What are the General do’s and don’ts of the pregnancy?

Apart from the Ayurveda tips for pregnancy, here are some general dos and don’ts for pregnant women.

Focus on your mental health: Mental health of a pregnant woman is very underrated. According to the Ayurveda tips for pregnancy, Mental health plays a very important role during pregnancy; it can affect the mother or the child in some way or another. People think caring for a pregnant lady is about looking after her diet, activity, etc. No, it’s not true; the reality is that a pregnant woman needs to be as physically fit as she needs to be mentally fit.

Sleep: During and after pregnancy, you should prefer taking a good sleep. It would help if you also preferred taking naps whenever you get time or feel like it. If you face a problem with sleeping, you should consult your doctor.

Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated all the time is as important as taking a good diet. Water is important for everyone and in such a case you should try to drink as much water as you can.

Meditate: Meditation plays an important role in our physical and mental fitness. It would help if you tried to meditate daily so that you can calm down and relax through the process of meditation.

Take multivitamins: Pregnancy is a stage when a woman carries another life in herself. During this period, she needs a good diet. In many cases, women don’t feel like eating much, so the doctor prescribes them to take multivitamins. Multivitamins or supplements cover all the required vitamins in the woman’s body.

Stay active: Pregnancy doesn’t mean taking rest all the time; you should be active during this period. Consult your doctor and perform activities that your doctor allows you but remember you can overdo anything. Even in the Ayurveda tips for pregnancy, you might find advice to stay active during pregnancy until and unless your case is complicated.

Visit your doctor often and follow the advice: You should not skip your doctor’s appointment and visit them often so there are no complications or issues. You should also follow your doctor’s advice and suggestions because your doctor understands your situation.

Avoid sports: During pregnancy, you should avoid playing any sports, whether running, jumping, or any other.

Don’t consume alcohol or smoke: Alcohol and smoke are usually harmful to health, and at the time of pregnancy, it can be harmful to your child, too, so avoid smoking and consuming alcohol.

Don’t skip your meal: Do not forget or skip your meal. It’s not only you now; it is about you and your child too. So try to eat whatever you want but don’t skip eating.

Don’t take any medicine without asking your doctor: Many medicines are not allowed for pregnant women; before consuming any medicine, you should consult your doctor.


During pregnancy, you should balance your Vata dosha, eat for two, practice abhyanga, practice Grabha Sanskar and follow sattvic. Following these best Ayurveda tips for pregnancy, you will be able to take good care of yourself as well as of your child too.

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