What Leads To Anemia Problem?

When it comes to anaemic people India tops the competition, having lower blood than the normal amount is common among various people. 

Anaemia is a problem that occurs when your body lacks healthy red blood cells and some essential vitamins. When you lack vitamin B-12, vitamin C and folate this may lead to anaemia problems. 

How does a person become anemic? 

If your daily meals do not contain foods that are rich in Vitamin C, B-12 and folate this may lead to anemia. The problem might also occur if your body is finding it difficult to absorb the processed vitamins. 

To detect the problem, it is best to consult a doctor and based on the doctor’s advice follow the medications and diet plan. 

What are the symptoms of anemia? 

1.  Dizziness. 

2.  Irregular heartbeats. 

3.  Fatigue. 

4.  Yellow or pale skin. 

5.  Shortness of breath. 

6.  Loss of weight. 

7.  Tingling and numbness in your feet and hands. 

8.  Forgetfulness and mental confusion. 

9.  Personality changes. 

10.  Weakness in the muscles. 

11.  Lack of steadiness in the movements. 

Developing an anemia problem is not a task of a day or week, it takes months and years to develop anemia. And this majorly happens due to vitamin deficiency and when the symptoms increase with time the problem becomes worse. Let’s understand the causes of anemia. 

What are the causes of anemia? 

1.  When your system lacks healthy red blood cells and certain vitamins, this results in the anemia problem. 

2.  This shortage of essential vitamins reduces the production of healthy blood cells. 

3.  These healthy blood cells supply oxygen to the entire body. 

4.  When you do not have sufficient nutrients on your food, this leads to anemia. 

5.  When your system is not able to absorb the essential nutrients or say vitamins, then also you are prone to develop anemia problems. 

Anemia – Due to Vitamin Deficiency:

1.  B-9 Folate deficiency: Folate or say B-9 vitamin is found in various green vegetables and fruits. Lack of fruits and vegetables in your meal can lead to a deficiency of folate. Also, if a person’s body is not able to absorb this vitamin. Many nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine. 

People who are suffering from certain diseases like:

·         celiac disease (small intestine disease),

·         If because of surgery a large part of your small intestine is removed.

·         if you consume too much alcohol. 

·         If you are taking some medications like anti-seizure, for other health problems. 

The above conditions lead to B-9 deficiency. Also, it is important for breastfeeding mothers to have sufficient amount of folate because breastfeeding mothers’ bodies need folate. 

Also, people who are going through dialysis for kidney problems need this vitamin (folate). And, if they cannot fulfil the required amount, it may lead to folate deficiency. 

Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding have an increased demand for folate, as do people undergoing dialysis for kidney disease. Failure to meet this increased demand can cause further problems.

2.  B-12 deficiency: The B-12 deficiency occurs when you do not consume enough dairy and meat products like eggs, chicken, milk, curd, etc. The major cause of B-12 deficiency is the deficiency of a substance, also known as an intrinsic factor. Intrinsic factor is a situation when your stomach mistakenly attacks your stomach cells that produce this substance that further results in anemia problems. Your stomach also produces a protein that helps to join the B-12 vitamin and moves it to the small intestine. And, from the small intestine, the B-12 vitamin is absorbed by your blood. But, when the intrinsic factor is disturbed, the process of B-12 vitamin absorption also gets disturbed. This results in the deficiency of vitamin B-12. 

Other factors that may lead to B-12 deficiency are:

·         If someone is suffering from endocrine-related autoimmune disorders like thyroid and diabetes are prone to develop pernicious anemia. 

·         Other than intrinsic factors, if your small intestine is not able to absorb vitamin B-12 this can also lead to anemia deficiency. 

·         If you went through some surgery like gastric bypass. 

·         If there is an abnormal growth of bacteria in your small intestine. 

·         There are some intestinal diseases like celiac disease, that reduce the efficacy to absorb vitamins that lead to anemia problems. 

·         If there are tapeworms in your stomach, this can also lead to anemia because tapeworms have the essential nutrients that your body needs. 

3.  Vitamin C deficiency: It is important to have a balanced diet because if you don’t this can lead to various deficiencies. Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins you need to have from your food. People who smoke are prone to impair their body ability to absorb vitamin C. Also, some serious health conditions may lead to vitamin C deficiency like kidney disease and cancer. 

Other Factors that may lead to Vitamin C Deficiency:

·          If your meals do not contain the required amount of seasonal fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat, the chances are high that those people lack the required amount of vitamin C. 

·         People who do not consume dairy or meat products should go for fruits and vegetables. And they should consume more veggies and fruits to fulfil the required amount of essential vitamins and nutrients. If they don’t, their system will lack essential vitamins and minerals. 

·         People who overcook their food are also prone to lack vitamin C. 

·         Pregnant women who are not taking care of their food or not taking their prescribed multivitamins or folic acid supplements are prone to develop Vitamin C deficiency. 

·         People who consume an excess amount of alcohol are also prone to develop Vitamin C deficiency including folate and various other essential vitamins. 

·         There are certain medications that work as a barrier to absorb certain vitamins. 

·         Antacids and anti-seizure drugs can also become a barrier to absorb folate. 

What are the Complications you need to Face? 

Folate deficiency can lead to various complications like

1.  Premature birth, and birth defects related to the spinal cord and brain. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor and have essential supplements to prevent such risks. 

2.  Vitamin B-12 deficiency can lead to nervous system disorders because this vitamin is essential to keep your nervous system healthy. 

3.  If you do not take necessary action to treat B-12 deficiency, this can lead to neurological disorders like tingling in your feet and hands, forgetfulness and confusion. 

4.  If you are deficient in vitamin c this may also lead to a rare disease known as scurvy. In this condition, the patient experiences bleeding around the gums and under the skin. 

 Foods to Prevent Anemia:

1.      Foods that are rich in folate like nuts, multigrain or whole grain bread, pasta, rice, green leafy vegetables, cereal, and fruits. 

2.      Foods that are rich in B-12 like eggs, breakfast cereals, cheese, meat, yogurt, curd (homemade) and milk. 

3.      Foods that are rich in Vitamin C like guava, broccoli, strawberries, citrus fruits, green pepper and tomatoes. 

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