Why You Should Add Curd In Your Meal?


Yogurt and curd (homemade) is one of the best sources of essential nutrients and therefore adding this superfood is really beneficial for you. 

If you like different flavours of yoghurt then it is better to add seasonal fruit at home along with homemade yoghurt or try to buy plain yoghurt without added sugar or flavouring. 

People who do not prefer non-vegetarian food can have curd or yoghurt as a source of protein and calcium. Also, curd and yoghurt are great for your gut health because it helps to promote good bacteria. 

6 Amazing Benefits of Curd and Yogurt:

1.      Improve bone health:

If you have a bowl of yoghurt this will provide nearly 300 grams of calcium. Calcium is an essential nutrient to improve and maintain bone density and overall bone health. People with weaker bones and old people should definitely add curd in their meals at least twice a day. The best time to have curd is the daytime, especially in winter. And, if you have curd during your lunch it is great because curd also helps in digestion and lunch is generally the heaviest meal of the day. 

2.      Helps in weight loss:

Whenever you feel hungry it is best to have a cup of yoghurt or curd instead of munching on unhealthy stuff. Having calcium, protein and other essential nutrients is always better than having foods that are high in calories but lack essential nutrients and nearly contain any nutrients. 

3.      You recover sooner after workout:

If you work out every day it is good that geek yoghurt (if it is a big task for your homemade curd will also work) to your post-workout meal. Out of various varieties of yoghurt, Greek yoghurt has the perfect ratio of carbs and protein. Geek yoghurt contains essential amino acids which help to repair your muscles. You can also have buttermilk if you feel hungry in between your meals or just simply have a glass of water along with curd and yoghurt. 

4.      Maintain blood pressure level:

You can pay a little more attention to your choice of foods that will be helpful to maintain high blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to various other health problems like kidney problems, hypertension and other health problems. Potassium-rich yoghurt and curd help to reduce the excess level of sodium in your system. 

5.      Improve immunity:

Curd and yoghurt is a great source of probiotic that increase the good bacteria in your gut that further works as a shield to other health problems. Having curd and yoghurt helps to strengthen bones and improve your gut health.

6.      Get rid of yeast infection:

If you are suffering from yeast infection having curd and yoghurt along with your meals is helpful. Yes, having foods that are a good source of probiotic like curd helps to prevent yeast infection. 

If you are lactose intolerant, you can have different sources of curd. If you are lactose intolerant but you can digest curd, then you should at least have it in small quantities or whatever quantity you can handle. But before you have curd or yoghurt, make sure only you consult your doctor and if your doctor allows only, then you should have curd or yoghurt. 

But if you experience some sort of allergy and lactose intolerant after having curd you should not have it. 

Also, we mention at the starting of this blog that you should avoid having flavoured yoghurt or curd along with added sugar.

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