Olive Oil Can Really Change Your Health Game!

The reason behind the natural glow and skin quality of our grandmothers and mothers, and even our father, are just natural oils, and no chemical-based products. 

Today we are using harmful chemical-based soaps, creams, lotions and serums that are filled with chemicals, and skin irritants. It best to apply and use things you can eat. If you can’t something then it is better to not apply those things on your face.

These tons of skin irritants and chemicals are stripping our skin, and skin care industries are selling more such products to fix a problem that is a result of their products. 

However, not all skincare lines are selling lies, there are some good skincare products that are good and gentle to your skin. But you need to see your budget and find out the best ones. 

People with sensitive skin should definitely go for good, gentle, nourishing skin products. And nothing can beat pure natural oils like olive oil. 

Today we will discuss olive oil health benefits and why you should add olive oils to your diet. Olive oil is rich in good fats. 

Olive oil has properties that promote good cholesterol level in your body. The reason olive oil is used in so many ways from preparing food to hair masks and even as the face and body moisturizer. 

Olive oil has its unique taste that can add a different flavour to any dish. Let’s discuss the benefits of olive oil for health and skin. 

Olive Oil Health Benefits For Skin:

1.      Good for heart health: If you want to improve your heart health adding olive oil to your diet because this oil has polyphenols that help to lower high cholesterol levels. Olive oil benefits your hair, skin, and overall health. Also, if you see any blood clot, then you can massage that area with olive oil. 

2.      Boost digestion: Olive oil is rich in the goodness of healthy fatty acids like omega-3. These healthy fatty acids promote good cholesterols. Even heard the term Monosaturated fatty acids? Olive oil has more MFA than rapeseed, sesame, sunflower, corn and coconut oils. 

3.      A clean colon means peace: When your colon is not clean, you feel irritated, and it becomes difficult to focus on your work. And when your digestion process is not good, it becomes impossible to feel calm and focus. However, good digestion can vanish all these problems. To get rid of this you can use olive oil, this oil increases the mobility of food in your colon that helps to improve bowel movement. Also, you can take a tablespoon of olive oil with lemon (one tablespoon) to treat the constipation problem. 

4.      Get rid of stress and depression: Olive oil contains properties that can promote serotonin level. We also know serotonin as a happy hormone when your brain releases this hormone it can help to deal with stress and depression. Most of the anti-depressants promote the production of this happy hormone. Only this olive oil helps to prevent memory, and it is good for your memory and brainpower.

It is also important to know various types of olive oils, and you should know this before you buy olive oil. 

 There are various grades of olive oil, and these grades define the benefits of olive oil and the disadvantages of this oil. The reason virgin olive oil is expensive because the highest grade of olive oil is extra virgin olive oil. After extra virgin oil, you can use virgin olive and then refined oil.

The reason extra virgin olive oil has a more pungent taste compared to others because this oil is directly extracted from the olive fruits. 

This makes the extra virgin olive oil more flavorful. Extra virgin olive health benefits are more than other olive oils because the process of extracting this oil is cold-pressed, which means the extra virgin olive oil is directly extracted from the olive fruits. 

The natural benefit of oil and flavour reduces when the oil is exposed to high temperature. Therefore, extra virgin olive oil has more nutrients, minerals and vitamins. 

Also, the oleic acid level in the extra virgin olive is less than other forms of olive oils. A good quality extra virgin olive oil is bright green with a strong pungent taste, and it has only 1% oleic acid. 

If you are buying regular olive oil, then you will find that the oleic acid level is 3 to 4 per cent. Also, you will get a regular standard olive oil in the market that has 2% oleic acids.

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