Garlic Is Great To Stay Immune From Seasonal Flu and Cold!

cold flu garlic

You will find the use of garlic mostly in every Indian kitchen. These tiny cloves are filled with essential qualities that can prevent various health-related issues and also help to boost immunity. The reason garlic does wonders for our health because of a compound known as allicin. This compound contains potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium. 

Garlic is also rich in niacin, vitamins C, K, and Folate. And now it’s time to understand the health benefits of eating garlic and how garlic benefits you to prevent various health problems. 

Health Benefits of Eating Garlic: 

1.      Get rid of cold and cough: These are the problems that happen because of infections and therefore, adding garlic to your food is a great way to combat cold, cough and fly. Therefore, it is good to have garlic on an empty stomach to prevent yourself from cold and cough especially when the season changes. Also, to prevent the babies and small kid from congestion symptoms, garlic cloves are hanged in a thread and put around the necks of the babies and small kids. 

2.      Keep your cardiac health in check: Garlic helps to reduce bad cholesterol level in your body so, people who are facing this kind of health issue should add garlic to your food. Garlic not only adds taste to your food but the allicin compound in it increases your heart’s health. Garlic is also good to prevent you from blood clotting. People with high blood pressure problem should also consume garlic because garlic also helps to reduce high blood pressure level. 

3.      Better digestion: If you are someone who is facing digestion issues, garlic can play a vital role here. Having raw garlic can combat indigestion problem, this is good for inflammation in your intestines. If your intestine has worms, then having raw garlic can be helpful to clear those worms out of your system. Garlic also works as a protective shield against bad bacteria and promotes good bacteria. 

4.      Immunity booster: The reason garlic is known as an immunity booster because it helps to fight the free radicals in your system. Garlic cloves are also helpful to improve immunity and prevent DNA damage. Garlic cloves are also used in some of the home remedies to prevent and treat ear and eye infections because of the antimicrobial properties.  

5.      Better Skin: If you have scars on your skin, then garlic can be helpful to reduce these scars. Some skin problems can be treated with the help of garlic juice like blisters, cold sores, rashes and psoriasis. Garlic cloves have properties that can protect your skin against harmful UV rays. 

6.      Prevent cancer and peptic ulcer: Garlic is full of antioxidants that provide protection from various health problems like prostate, lung, liver, colon, and bladder cancer. 

The consumption of garlic is also helpful to prevent problems like loss of hair, liver problems, bone health and infections.

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