Follow These Safe Tips For Diwali 2020 Celebration

Diwali health tips

Diwali is one of the most awaiting festivals in India; this festival is a celebration of Lord Ram returning to Ayodhya. It is a celebration of light over darkness. 

This year the festival gathering will not be that frequent because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore, we decided to share some of the safety tips for diwali, and some health tips for diwali festival because people sometimes take their health for granted especially during festivals. 

If we talk about the health tips for diwali, one of the best things that have been done by the government is banning crackers. The high level of pollution may lead to respiratory problems and COVID-19 attacks your respiratory system. So, people need to understand the ban and implement it.

As we all know pandemic is still going on and it is important to follow safety tips for diwali and to avoid the risk of being exposed to the virus and putting your dear one in danger.  

Here some best safe tips for diwali 2020:

1. Keep a water bottle and paper soap:

If you are going out to buy essentials during the Diwali festivals, make sure you carry a water bottle, it is common to mistake people do while going out. You can also carry paper soap or sanitizer, but it is better to wash your hands with paper soap to avoid the risk of catching fire. This is a simple but effective health tip for diwali season.

2. Avoid sanitizer before lighting candles:

This is an important safety tip for diwali festival because nowadays when people are getting used to sanitize their hands now and then, they might do the same before lighting diyas or candles. Using sanitizer (alcohol-based) before lighting diyas or candles may lead to the risk of burning. 

3. Old people should avoid going outside:

It is better for old age people to avoid going outside to avoid physical congestion, loud noises and cold temperature. As we all know that the old age people are more prone to COVID-19 infection because of low immunity. Therefore, it is a good idea to follow this health tip for Diwali festival. 

4. Do not burst crackers:

Do not burst crackers, it is important to understand the current pandemic and the severe rise of smoke in the air that leaves the air even more toxic than normal days. It is important to invest in health and safety, instead of wasting money on making the air you breathe even more toxic. 

5. Avoid gatherings:

Try to avoid gathering and maintain physical distance during this diwali this is one of the most important health tips for diwali 2020. People who have not been affected by coronavirus need to understand that this is because of the precautions they are taking, and we need to do the same until we get the vaccine for COVID-19. So, it is better to take this safety tips for Diwali festival seriously and avoid shaking hands, hugging and going into gatherings. 

6. Avoid outside food:

This diwali be the chef of the house and spend more time with your family members, try new dishes and sweet at home and avoid having outside food. This health tip for diwali is important to follow because this will prevent you from a stomach infection, coronavirus infection, low immunity and other health-related issues. And it is always a better idea to have home-cooked foods in all seasons or festivals because there is no food compared to home-cooked food. 

Mask is must:

There is no evidence whether the coronavirus increase in the presence of smoke or it remains the same. Therefore, it is important to wear a mask, maintaining social distance and washing your hands properly. This seems irrelevant and too much to ask for until you do not get affected by the virus. 

The reason it is even more important to follow these safe tips for diwali and health tips for diwali instead of ignoring because this virus just not affect you but the people around you as well. 

Here are simple safety and health tips for diwali 2020:

  1. Celebrate this Diwali keeping your gadgets aside, do not spend your entire day posting, enjoy and celebrate with your loved ones without being on your phone. However, you can clock photos to keep the memories for years but avoid being on social media. 
  2. Distribute good and essentials to the needy instead of spending thousand worth crackers that lead to toxic air. 
  3. Try to exercise every day because you can enjoy even more if you are completely fit and healthy. 
  4. This Diwali avoid gatherings but, you can surely give gifts to your loved ones to show a gesture of celebration. 
  5. Try to do some makeover of your rooms, balcony, guest room, diyas painting and using lights to add more to makeover look. It is better to involve in some new experience and feel even more satisfied after seeing the result of the house. 
  6. People who have diabetes should go for sugar-free sweets (even better if it is homemade) to avoid the risk of blood sugar level. 
  7. People who have asthma problem should not forget their inhaler and keep it with themselves always. Also, it is important to avoid crackers and smoke as much as you can.
  8. Pets and old age people are sensitive to loud noise, so avoid creating any scenario that leads to loud noise.

Diwali is to celebrate and enjoy with your loved ones do not make it an opportunity to risk your health and safety. 

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