How is Air Pollution Affecting Human’s Health?

air pollution

No matter how far we live, the effect of pollution on the environment affects our health. Even waste materials are a new form of pollution that affects the ecosystem negatively. 

However, there are many types of pollution like chemical pollution, water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution, etc. 

But the effects of pollutions on our environment are also interconnected to each other. 

So, the consequences of being ignorant about waste management, over usage of pesticides in crops, not switching off the vehicle; even if you are not moving or waiting for the green light signal. 

Using bike or cars instead of walking and cycling to a nearby spot, all these minor factors lead to the damage of both environment and our health. 

What are the effects of pollution on human health?

In most of the cases, when the environment is flooded with pollutants this has many severe consequences, this not only affects the respiratory system but also dangerous for people with breathing problems like asthma. 

Not only this, the effect of releasing pollutants not only affects the environment. But also lead to contaminated seafood, lung diseases, and global warming.

You must have heard about air pollution, but how does air pollution affect human health and the environment. 

Another effect of pollution on environment is when you start your vehicle and burn the fossil fuel, this release various types of chemicals in the atmosphere. Therefore, what we are breathing daily is affecting our system. 

This is the reason that air pollution has become the world’s fourth most dangerous cause of people’s death. Because of air pollution or say due to the effect of pollution on environment, we lose 1 year, and 8 months of a healthy life. 

Facts related to the effects of pollution on environment and human health:

  1. In every 4 seconds, a person dies somewhere because of air pollution; nearly 8.9 million people die because of globally per year. 
  2. According to the UN, air pollution had become the world’s worst environmental health risk, followed by a lack of safe and clean water, malnutrition, lack of sanitation, and unsafe sex. This is the effect of pollution on environment and human health.
  3. The air pollution also affects human reproduction. 
  4. Pregnant women also get affected because of air pollution and even car exhaust. The air pollution can lead to structural changes in the chromosomes in the fetus and this further increases the chances of various birth defects and cancer.

Therefore, the alternatives to green energy sources like solar energy, wind power and, electric cars can help both human and climate and reduce the amount of air pollution or say the negative effect of pollution on environment and human health.

This not only changes the level of air pollution but also reduce the risk factors to our health. 

Health effects of air pollution on human beings: 

  1. When the air has polluted this increase the chances of developing respiratory diseases and asthma problem.
  2. As per scientific evidence, if people are exposed to the ground zone for six to seven hours this reduces the functioning of their lungs and increase respiratory inflammation.
  3. Mostly the air pollutants are carcinogens, which means people who are inhaling polluted air are prone to develop cancer. 
  4. Air pollution also damages the endocrine, reproductive and immune systems. 
  5. Some common symptoms of air pollution are wheezing and coughing. 
  6. If the levels of pollutants are high in the air, this increases the risk of heart problems. 
  7. When we use toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides into plants and use polluted water, this affects us like a food chain. 

These points were related to the effect of pollution on environment, what are the effects of air pollution in human health, and now it’s time to understand the upcoming need for clean air. 

Already, air purifiers and fresh air container have taken place in the market, and it’s time to understand the need for pure air and taking strict actions and laws to save our basic survival needs. 

Two main types of air pollution:

  1. Ambient air pollution: This is outdoor pollution due to vehicles, chimneys and factory released smoke.
  2. Household air pollution: This is indoor pollution due to the combustion of fuels after burning like kerosene, coal and woods. If space is ventilated and not that open, then this increases indoor air pollution.

The indoor and outdoor air pollution is the combination of each other. The countries that are affected by indoor/ household air pollution are in Asia and Africa because there the home cooking is a lot more common than other countries. And, especially children and women spend more time in the house. 

Some common types of pollutants are:

  1. Nitrogen dioxide from the indoor gas cooker and road traffic. 
  2. Particulate matter, it is a mix of liquid droplets and solid that arise from road traffic and fuel combustion.
  3. When you burn fossil fuel, it releases sulphur dioxide. 
  4. Then comes the ozone at ground level. This happens because of the reaction of pollutants (release because of vehicle emission) and sunlight.

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