How to Cure Sciatica Nerve Pain in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda Treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain is one of the most ancient ways to cure sciatica nerve pain. 

However, Ayurveda has a history of about 5000 years, Ayurvedic treatment for sciatica has a history of more than a thousand years. It has treated with the help of powerful healing herbs, to cure sciatica nerve pain without causing any side-effects. 

  • Ayurvedic treatment is one of the best herbal treatment for sciatica pain.
  • Ayurveda herbal treatment not only cure sciatica pain but also back pain and slipped disc.
  • Using the ayurvedic treatment for sciatica problem can help to rejuvenate your entire body from inside. 

According to Ayurveda, sciatica happens due to the increase in the Vata dosha. And, like other problems, ayurveda has a cure to sciatica problem also. 

Before we jump onto the solution, we must understand what are the cause and symptoms of sciatica pain. 

Symptoms of Sciatica (Degenerative Disc Disease) : 

  • Unbearable lower Back Pain while sleeping.
  • Pain in the hip, buttocks and or lower extremities.
  • Difficulty in walking due to the weakness of the knee.
  • Pain in the rear part of the leg which increases while you try to sit.
  • Pain in the back while bending backwards, sneezing, coughing or laughing.

What are the causes of Sciatica Pain?

  • Sciatica pain happens when the aggravation happens in the roots of the lumbosacral spine and lower lumbar. 
  • The aggravation in the roots may occur due to injury that hurts the lower back region.
  • On the other side, this may cause due to sleeping the wrong position, like sleeping in a curved position.
  • And, last cause can be, due to ruptured vertebral disc in the spine. 

The other conditions which may cause sciatica pain are: 

Herniated or Bulging Disk:

One of the most popular causes of sciatica is herniated or bulging disk. This problem occurs when nuclear pulposus pushes against the outer wall of the disk.

And, this further cause to the disk material press on nerve roots which causes sciatica pain.


The sciatic nerve can be pressed due to the extra weight on your spine; the chances of this increases during pregnancy; cause sciatica.

External Injury:

If by accident your low back got injured then, this may also lead to sciatica pain.

How to Cure Sciatica Using Ayurvedic Medicines?

Slipped disc, sciatica, lower back pain, a lot of people think that there is no treatment for these problems, instead of surgery, especially sciatica problem. 

Internal Ayurvedic Treatment:

  • To treat a patient with the help of internal ayurvedic treatment for sciatica, one should go through the neurological testing, physical examination and patient history. 
  • Sciatica problem can be treated with a combination of various herbal pills.
  • And, these herbs cure sciatica nerve pain from inside, without causing any side-effects. 

External Ayurvedic Treatment:

  • To treat sciatica problem externally, oiling (Saburi Oil) is also one of the methods, that is used to apply on the painful parts of the body like buttocks, back, parts of thigh and legs. 
  • Saburi Oil is an Ayurvedic remedy which is used to give relief from the pain.
  • Saburi oil is considered good for sciatic pain; widely used by sciatic patients. 

Ayurvedic treatment for sciatica pain with the help of ayurvedic herbal medicines for sciatica is considered to be the best treatment for Sciatica.

A lot of people with this problem, find Ayurvedic treatments more effective and helpful over other medicines in the market.

Most people eat medicines for their entire life and take pain killers to get relief from sciatica pain, but this is not the case. 

According to our ayurvedic granths, 5000 years ago, they have the treatment for the sciatica problem. Our Ayurveda has brief information related to the sciatica problem. 

Ayurveda has given birth to a new hope amongst the hopeless people who are suffering from Sciatica Pain and after trying so many treatments they are still not recovered. 

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