6 Foods To Have During Periods!

During Periods

If you are someone who feels extreme pain during their periods, it is high time to focus on your food choices. The type of foods you eat daily and especially when you are on your period can really change your painful cramps experience. 

Let’s focus on foods that are excellent for you, especially during your periods. And, you should definitely add these foods to your meals to get sufficient nutrition. 

You need to eat properly and a well-balanced diet when you are on your periods. Foods like legumes, seasonal vegetables and fruit, seeds, whole grains and nuts are great to reduce inflammation.

Today we will discuss some of the best foods to have during your periods. There are multiple food options that can nourish your system when you need them most. 

Best Foods to have During Your Periods:

1.  Lemons are wonderful:

When you are in a phase where you are losing blood, having foods that can improve iron absorption is a good idea. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and this vitamin promotes the iron absorption process to your tissues and bloodstream. During your periods you lose more blood cell than usual and therefore having vitamin-c rich food like lemon is good. The fibre in lemons helps to reduce muscle spasms. 

2.  Watermelon is good:

Watermelon during summer is great but you should definitely add this fruit to your list because watermelons are really hydrating. If you can also prepare watermelon smoothies that taste so good and even better during your periods. Watermelons are hydrating for you which helps to reduce and prevent period cramps. Also, the natural sugar in watermelon gives you energy. 

3.  Bananas are best:

Even having one medium-size banana is great for you, especially during your periods. Bananas are rich in magnesium, which is an effective nutrient to prevent or reduce extreme pain during your periods. The fibre in bananas is good to treat bowel movements, bloating and period cramps. 

4.  Oranges are awesome:

The reason oranges are great for your period cramps because oranges are also rich in vitamin-c. Oranges are not only rich in vitamin-c but also contain potassium, magnesium and vitamin-d. You can also make orange juice (do not remove the pulp) to prevent or reduce period cramps. 

5.  Broccoli wonders:

Broccoli is one of the best foods to have during your periods because broccoli is a great source of iron and fibre. And, both iron and fibre help to treat period cramps. So, when you are in pain, have some broccoli and this can be helpful. 

6.  Kale is helpful:

People who suffer from severe period cramps should definitely add kale to their diet and if kale is not available, you can also have spinach. The magnesium and calcium in kale help to reduce period cramps because if you are deficient in calcium this can increase your period cramps. 

The type of food you eat can be really helpful for you to get relief from period cramps and feel relaxed. Foods can directly affect the hormones that can make you feel at ease. 

Tips to Follow During Periods: 

1.  Avoid canned foods and foods that are excessively salty. Having these types of foods can lead to painful periods cramps and bloating problem. 

2.  During your periods you lose blood, and therefore you need foods that are full of nutrition. So, do not have junk food instead have the above-mentioned foods. 

3.  Also, avoid heavy vegetables like beans when you are on your periods, it is better to go for light vegetables. 

4.  Avoid sugary drinks, snacks and desserts. Sugar is not even close to giving relief during your period. So, avoid as much as possible and if you feel like having something sweet, you can make fresh smoothies with seasonal fruits (no added sugar). 

5.  Do not consume deep-fried food items that taste good but not good for your cramps. These foods can increase your pain and you might end up upsetting your stomach. 

6.  Have dairy products but in moderation do not eat too much dairy products. Having an excess amount of dairy products can lead to inflammation. 

7.  Avoid foods that contain saturated fats. And it is better to have lean meats. 

8.  If you start with a strong coffee, then you need to hear this. Avoid caffeine during your periods because this can increase your pelvic pain. 

Do not involve in heavy physical activity, just eat healthy meals, drinks enough fluids and rest. Also, sleep is good, so take enough sleep and do not fill your stomach with junk food or unhealthy foods. 

Instead of having deep-fried food items, try to have soups (homemade with fresh vegetables). Grilled, boiled and steamed food is also good and light to stomach.

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