6 Benefits of Having Bajra During Winters!

Benefits Bajra During Winters

Winters has arrived and now is the time to include foods that are great to have in winters like Bajra. Yes, in India we have the luxury to have varieties of flour, based on the season and therefore, you do not have to mix flour; it is better to include the seasonal flour in your diet based on the season and bajra is great to have during winters.

Today we will discuss the health benefits of having bajra during winters and you will understand the secret to your grandmother’s and grandparents’ health. They have been eating fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables and flour that are best according to the seasons.

Bajra is known for its gluten-free quality and its various nutritional values. It is one of the widely grown millets in India and having bajra has various health benefits. This is an excellent flour option for people who want to maintain a healthy weight during the winters.

Winters can make some people prone to various infections and viral problems, including cold and cough. Therefore, it is important to keep your immunity strong and include foods that help you stay healthy and prevent you from various health problems.

If you never tried bajra roti, it is time to try this winter, bajra roti is recommended by an expert nutritionist. There are various other flours also that are good to have during winters to keep your gut and immunity better. 

The diverse culture and seasons have given us all the luxury to have varieties of cuisines and to add various healthy foods to our day-to-day diet. No matter where you are living in India you must try bajra roti, and after reading this blog we are sure you will definitely try one. 

You must have heard your grandparents or your parent telling you about this simple staple bajra roti they used to have during winters, with just ghee and jaggery. It’s time to discover the delicacies of bajra again this winter and give it a try. 

Health Benefits of Bajra Roti in Winters:

1. Bajra roti is good for heart health:

Bajra chapati is rich in fiber, magnesium, potassium, healthy fats like omega-3 and various essential nutrients. Also helps to reduce high blood pressure because bajra has a good amount of magnesium in it a good and it helps to reduce blood pressure levels that further reduce the risk of heart problems like stroke and heart attack. People with high blood pressure problems should definitely add bajra to their diet during winters.

2. Helps to reduce weight:

The reason it is good to include bajra in your diet, especially if you want to lose weight because of the complex carbs in it that are slowly absorbed by the body. This prevents you from overeating and keeps you full for a long time. It is good to maintain a healthy weight because it is good for your overall health and if bajra helps you to do so; you should add bajra to your diet. 

3. Good for your gut health:

Bajra is rich in soluble fiber, which means it is a flour that works as a prebiotic and therefore it is good for your gut health. When you consume bajra roti that has insoluble fiber in it, it eases your bowel movement, reduces constipation, and helps to maintain digestion.

4. Gluten-free flour:

People who are intolerant to gluten should try bajra roti during winters because bajra is one of the best gluten-free flour options. Some people love to have chapati but cannot eat it because of their allergy so, if you are allergic to gluten, then you can try bajra roti, and you will not regret it. 

5. Helps to manage diabetes:

People who are diabetic should include bajra roti in their diet during winters because the high fiber in it gets digested slowly. This does not spike the insulin level, and your sugar levels remain balanced. Bajra is rich in magnesium and therefore it helps to reduce the risk of diabetes. 

6. Prevent you from some cancers:

Bajra contains anti-carcinogenic properties like polyphenols and phytochemicals, and these properties help reduce the risk of tumours and various cancers. Having bajra helps to reduce the growth of cancer cells and prevents the risk of developing some types of cancers.

India is the country where so many people consume different flour based on the season and these food habits are rooted in our food culture, from our grandparents to parents to the upcoming generation, should know the importance of having varieties of flours for various health benefits.

This will not only provide essential nutrients but also prevent you from marketing the gimmick of having multigrain flours; you really do not have to consume multigrain, it is better to have one flour at a time based on the season.

It is advisable to have seasonal fruits and vegetables, and just like that, it is important to have various flours based on the season. Nature automatically produces foods for you, which is best for you if you understand its importance in its peak season.

So, the next time you think about health, make sure you start with adding fruits, vegetables and flours, based on the season. You get fresh and seasonal food on your plate, and it will keep you healthy and strong for sure.

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