According to Ayurveda, there are three types of elements, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. And, due to the disturbance and the imbalance in these three elements we face different types of ailments like sciatica, slipped disc, cervical and spondylitis.

These health issues come under the Vata element. When there is a disturbance in this particular element this leads to such issues.

What is Cervical Pain?

Cervical spondylosis is mostly an age-related issue that affects the disc and joints in your cervical spine and this is found in your neck.

It happened due to the tear of bones and cartilage. This problem is also known as neck arthritis and cervical osteoarthritis.

Cervical Pain Treatment
Neck Pain Treatment

Causes of Cervical Neck Pain:

Neck or spine Injury:

"If you got any injury on the neck or spine area, their chances that it might lead to cervical neck pain.

Neck movement:

Some time due to laziness people tends to bend their neck while using their phones. Even people with tedious desk job do the same mistake, sitting for hours and hours such bad postures for a long period of time put pressure on the neck and spin as well.

Cracks in the spinal disc:

This situation is known as a herniated disc. When one’s spinal discs develop cracks, this leads to cervical pain or cervical neck pain.
When these cracks happen this leads to a leakage of the internal cushioning material, this puts pressure on the spinal cords and nerves.

Overgrowth of a bone:

When a bone grows more than its relevant body size, that presses against the other spinal cord and spinal nerves and it’s really painful

Spinal discs dehydration:

Sometimes the disc which lies between our spine dries out, and this leads to the rubbing of discs which causes chronic cervical pain.

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Cervical Treatment

Symptoms Of Cervical Pain:

  • Involuntary muscular contraction
  • Feeling of stiffness in the neck
  • Sudden and abnormal reflexes by the legs and hands
  • Feeling difficult to walk and other casual, day to day activities.
  • Feeling weakness, tingling and sometimes numbness in the parts which are directly connected to the cervical nerve like legs, feet, arms and hands.
Cervical Pain Treatment in Ayurveda
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How SureShot Ayurveda can Help in Cervical Pain Treatment?

Like sciatica, even in cervical, one of the main causes is the pressure on the nerves, due which the blood in the area is not circulated properly.

This whole cycle of the problem leads to pain and fainting like situation.

SureShot herbal medicines made by Ayurveda expert has powerful healing properties which help to,

  • Reduce the swelling of our tissues and nerves.
  • Softens the nerves and tissues.
  • These herbal medicines also help to reduce the stiffness of these tissues and nerves.
  • Increases blood circulation.

Along with these Ayurvedic medicines for cervical neck pain are one of the best treatments for cervical neck pain treatment. But if a patient also keeps a check on his/her posture while sleeping, standing sitting, using a cell phone, while watching television or playing videos game the chances of them healing are much faster and it also has a long-lasting effect for a lifetime.

You can also try some of the yoga poses for cervical pain relief, but it is advisable to always do such yoga poses after consulting a doctor to prevent any further injury.


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