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Let’s understand Disc Bulge

A disc bulge is a problem when there is an outward swelling due to slipping and movement of the disc from the actual position. Our spine has vertebrae that also have spinal discs, these spinal discs protect your spine from any damage to the spinal bones and tissues and also work as a shock absorber.

These spinal discs also contain the gel-like liquid in its centre and when these discs slip out from the actual potion this result to outward swelling of fluid material. If this process continues for a long period, the condition can become worse if not treated on time.

disc bulge
disc bulge

Symptoms of a Disc Bulge:

  • Disc Bulge: If a patient is not feeling pain or feeling little pain, this means that the disc bulge has not reached the severity like disc herniation pain. Therefore, it is not easy to understand the symptoms of a disc bulge.
  • When you suffer from disc bulge problem, this leads to various sensations because a disc bulge creates some pressure points on nerves that are close.
  • If you suffer from disc bulging, you may face some numbness and tingling based on the severity of your condition.
  • If the condition is worse, you may face severe tingling and numbness. This mainly happens when disc bulging condition increases and reaches a herniation disc herniation stage. You might also face pain and tingling in the shoulder, neck and arms. These areas are the indication of the cervical area and disc bulge.  
  • Some of the common pain areas in a disc bulge condition are buttocks, thighs, lower spine and feet.
  • Problem while holding or lifting something and even while walking.

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disc bulge

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disc bulge

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disc bulge

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disc bulge
disc bulge

Causes of Disc Bulging:

  • When a disc bulges outward from the actual position in the neck area, this is known as a diffuse disc bulge. This happens when discs in your neck area get disturbed from its actual position and this mainly happens due to ageing-related issues like wear- and tear to your spine, injury and sometimes trauma.
  • As you grow old, you might face wear and tear of bones and muscles, which is normal and a part of ageing, but when this happens to an extreme level this may lead to problem like disc degenerative changes. In this condition, the shock absorber of your spine also known as spinal discs between the bones of your spine causes pain because of the wear and tear.
  • If you are someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle this increase the risk of developing disc bulging.
  • If you have a weak back, then it is better to work on your spine strength because people with weak back muscles are more likely to develop a disc bulge. 
  • Excess physical exercise, heavy weight lifting, and continuous strain can also lead to the wear and tear of your spine.
  • If your body posture or back posture is not accurate and you are used to sitting in a bad posture while sitting, standing, sleeping and working this increase the chances of developing this condition.
  • Overweight and obesity can be a cause of a disc bulge problem.
  • Sports person’s who do running without wearing shoes with orthopedic support are prone to developing this condition.
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